Your View: People will reject partisan political fighting

Dec. 02, 2012 @ 02:18 AM

The election of 2012 is over and Democratic Party candidate Barack Obama is back in the White House. We think the election is over, but battles between the Republican and Democratic parties have not been started.
It is very hard for Republicans to forget this “defeat.” Now they are ready to stop President Obama from completing what promises he made during the election time. We know both parties have different ways of working. Democrats say they are very loyal to middle class and poor people, and Republicans say they are very loyal to wealthy people; but we need both.
I think, first, we are Americans and are under one flag, and second, we love our country. We have to know that however many problems we have, if we close our eyes and blame each other, then no one will solve these problems.
Politicians of both parties do not have to forget that the United States is the richest part on this planet, but its majority of the people are in real trouble. Many of the people have no job, no proper shelter, no health insurance, not enough money to pay their bills, buy clothes and food and more.
Now it is time for both parties to forget what happened in the election and do their jobs. If they fight and try to make people’s lives more difficult, then four years are not so long. People will take the revenge on them and it will be too late for either party.

Atheists exhibit a double standard
Atheists are afraid of the Judea-Christian God. In fact He scares them to death.
If we put totem poles on government property to remember our war dead, would they want them removed? I doubt it.  If we set up displays of Stonehenge and the Druids, or the ancient Gods of Greece or Rome, would they want them removed? I doubt it.
It we set up a cross or a creche they are petrified. Why? If there is no God, what are they afraid of? If He is a figment of Christians and Jews imagination, and it makes them happy, why should it worry them.  If there is no God what is the atheists purpose on this Earth?
No one is trying to make atheists believe, so why don’t they mind their own business? Let Judea-Christians continue to fool themselves and make themselves happy by believing in something and by setting up memorials to others who share their beliefs.
Atheists do not complain about the Muslim religion because they would kill the atheists. But as our God taught love and tolerance, we leave atheists alone to follow your own beliefs. Leave us alone to follow ours.



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• Has a study been done to determine need for more space and how many vacancies there are in Piedmont Center and the other new business parks in the area?

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