Your View: Trinity 5 lack ability to lead city forward

Apr. 12, 2013 @ 10:09 PM

As a general rule, when I write a piece about the Trinity 5, I receive numerous calls of support and appreciation.  Occasionally, I get a call from a Trinity 5 acolyte and get fussed out about something I have written.
I have deduced, from the things that those folks have said to me, about me, that they are receiving their information from a member of the Trinity 5, as some of their information is not readily available to the public.  So instead of intelligent discourse, they resort to mudslinging by proxy.  This is apparent in the letters written by Jerry Sturgis.
Anyone who is familiar with Sturgis knows he is an ardent supporter of the Trinity 5. Anyone who dares to disagree with the Trinity 5 receives a letter full of personal vitriol devoid of logic from him.  Sturgis has written letters personally attacking Philip Chadwell, Tuck Barber and now me.  But we all know that Sturgis is only parroting what members of the Trinity 5 are telling him to write, so I have no animosity towards Sturgis.
I still stand by the premise of my original letter.  The Trinity 5 lack both the mental acuity and the intellectual foresight to take advantage of Trinity’s potential.  Reading about the Trinity 5’s discussion about tin covered shacks and chicken regulations during their retreat only reinforces my lack of confidence in their ability to lead our town.  As far as not showing my face at City Hall – well, you don’t have to attend the circus to know what the clowns are doing in the center ring.

Where’s this supposed economic recovery?
A recent AP (Administration Press) headline caught my attention. It read, “Jobs report creates fears about the economy.” Left out was, “forty-six months after the recession officially ended.”
Anyone with a single living brain cell began having fears about the economy, and our country, on Election Day 2008. Who, except the most clueless among us could have examined Emperor Obama’s radical background and associations, and expected anything other than the years America is living?
Unbelievably, the largest free market economy in the world was turned over to a man who was mentored by a Communist, Frank M. Davis, for eight years in Hawaii. Who bragged about seeking out Marxist professors. Who taught, and supported the radical, subversive policies of Saul Alinsky.
Who began his political career at a fundraiser in the home of a convicted domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, later a respected, by the American left, “educator” who also hated our system and resorted to violence to try to destroy it.
Who never worked in the private sector and when, somehow, elected president he cobbled together an administration with the fewest percentage of “advisors” with private sector experience than any previous president.  Who immediately began his war on the private sector from day one, which continues unabated today.
Who looked around the world to see the implosion of the quasi-Socialist European Union, and continues to try to steer us in their direction. Whose only fulfilled goal has been his “fundamental transformation” of our once great country to a point where our economic growth is below Cuba’s and 166, or 75 percent, of the world nations!
HAVANA, (AP): “Cuba says it will finish the year with 3.1 percent economic growth, lower than expected but higher than in 2011, when growth was 2.7 percent.”
Our “growth” rate for the last quarter was 0.4 percent.
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