Your View: Obama won because he deserved re-election

Dec. 06, 2012 @ 12:08 AM

On Opinion page of Nov. 28, I had the misfortune to read a rant against the majority of voters and our democratically elected President by James R. Hardy of Browns Summit. He accuses them of being dishonest, brainwashed, dishonorable, Godless baby killers and the cause of the decline of our great nation.  He further accuses them of not having compassion for people without jobs and of making our nation weaker militarily.
I would have shrugged this off, but unfortunately, it is a dangerous rant that many good people might actually believe.
Let me set the record straight:
• Former Presidents were NOT able or willing to do anything about health care. Obama did.
• When the honorable President Bush left office, we had already been losing jobs at the rate of over 700,000 jobs per month. Since Obama, this has been reversed and we are gaining jobs.
• Obama saved our auto industry, along with over a million related jobs.
• Cutting wasteful spending in the military does not make us weaker. We already outspend the next 10 military powers combined. The cold war is over.
• We did NOT vote to sanction the killing of innocent babies. Abortions have been legal since Row v. Wade.
• Belief in God is a personal thing. Please don’t go questioning other people’s faith just because you believe gays should not have the same rights as the rest of us. Remember, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.”
The majority have voted, sometimes a Republican wins, sometimes a Democrat. It’s because we are blessed with democracy. Deal with it. Just don’t be hypocritical by maligning those who won this time around.
Our president is an honorable man who deserves the same respect as all past presidents. If for some reason you dislike him because he’s black, that is YOUR problem.
High Point

Enterprise did great article on McAnally
I would like to thank The High Point Enterprise for the fabulous article about Mrs. Charles McAnally on her 100th birthday. We were fortunate enough to be invited to this spectacular celebration at Wesley Memorial. The atmosphere was exciting as she welcomed her guests. She can rejuvenate you with her fantastic stories; she is a prestigious member of Wesley Memorial. She has always been passionate with her creativity and musical inspirations. At 100, she may have slowed down a little, but not many 70 year olds can keep up with her!
She could write a best selling book in High Point if she were to put her memories into words. I think she has the ability and agility to write this book at 100 years young. She is a passionate and harmonious musician who can create heavenly music for the perfect paradise.
High Point


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