Your View: Pit plan helps downtown revitalization

Nov. 21, 2013 @ 06:26 PM

I think that the Pit will be catalyst for economic development so I am in favor of the investment.  The decision should not be based on the direct revenues or return on investment by itself.  It should be looked at as Phase I of the implementation of the DPZ Master Plan.
It will be a start to driving more year-round traffic to our downtown which will encourage investors to open businesses and restaurants to cater to that traffic.  This will ultimately create higher sales tax revenue, jobs, and property values as there will be greater demand and alternative uses for buildings that are no longer needed for furniture showrooms because of the consolidation in this industry.
A vital downtown will improve the quality of life for our citizens and be an economic development tool for recruiting more businesses to High Point as it is proven that this is also important to the decision of companies when they consider relocation or expansion into a community.  The increased property values will translate into higher tax revenues which will ultimately pay for the expenditures without increasing tax rates.
Other cities have done projects like this and so there is a reference for the long-term economic impact of creating destinations such as this.
High Point

Standards are federal takeover of schools
We all need to become more educated concerning the Common Core Standards.  They were created by two Washington-based trade organizations and have been funded by large corporate money.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the largest contributors.   It seems the bureaucrats in Washington think that they are more capable of directing our children’s education.
The federal government accepted the Common Core Standards and used 2009 stimulus money as an incentive for states to buy into these nationalized standards.  States were told that they had to adopt the Common Core Standards in order to receive “Race to the Top” money.
It is a sad day when we allow the federal government to take over our state’s educational system. I believe the decisions concerning standards and curriculum should be made by the local and state governments.  It is disturbing that the Common Core Standards are copyrighted by the National Governor’s Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers; therefore our state cannot make changes to them.
Common Core was not field tested before being implemented. Our children are being used as guinea pigs. We were told that the standards are more rigorous and that is why our 2012-13 test scores dropped significantly.  I believe they dropped because the standards are not developmentally appropriate and they do not use the most effective ways of teaching.  The “One Size Fits All” method just isn’t the best way to educate our children.
Become more educated by visiting the following websites:,, and


Officials at The City Project, which aims to spur redevelopment of High Point’s downtown, say the idea to turn “the pit” off High Avenue into a downtown attraction for young people could cost $1 million. Should the city ante up some cash for the venture? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or go to under Opinion and post a comment. Here two responses:
• Call it the money pit.  I see nothing that should cost anything!  A couple of food trucks, popup vendor tents ... and about as many people as you can expect to show up.
• The Pit has gotten out of control...past the vision of the kids who first discovered it and had the first Pit party.  These kids are the ones that are THE VISIONARIES.