Your View: Trinity election moves to center stage

Oct. 13, 2013 @ 06:28 PM

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning colors, the nights are getting cooler, and weekends are filled with fall festivals. The only thing dampening the landscape are those little rectangular political signs littering most major corners in Trinity.
Every two years, we, the citizens of Trinity, are allowed to decide who will be making the decisions on our city’s future. We have three options. We can choose to not take the time to vote and let whatever happens happen, we can get to know the candidates and work to take control of our destiny and make our voices known by voting, or we can simply vote for our friend or neighbor without really knowing the issues or considering how our friend or neighbor may impact our city.
Most of us have folks in our lives with whom we don’t mind sharing a meal or an afternoon on the porch. Some we even enjoy their presence for their entertainment value. But, in our hearts we know this is not a person that we would really want representing our city. However, the persons we put into office need to have certain qualities to be effective. First of all they need to be respectful and open-minded to not dismiss citizens’ thoughts or stymie discussion. Second, they must be able to openly discuss issues and articulate their thoughts, sometimes playing the advocate, sometimes the opposition, and sometimes the “devil’s advocate” just to spur discussion. Lastly, our city leaders need to clearly understand the issues facing our city and be able to make decisions that are best for the majority of our citizens and not their own interests.
It is our city. Let’s make informed decisions and place councilmen and a mayor that will lead our city.

People have died for right to vote
Servicemen and servicewomen have given their all defending our country and rights of freedom so that we could vote for those best prepared to lead and serve us. This letter is a reminder that our freedom and rights are not free. Many have given the ultimate sacrifice that allows us to vote in an election.
The citizens of Trinity will on Nov. 5 vote for the mayor and council representatives from four wards. Please allow me to address the citizens: The clear understanding of who you desire as your elected officials to be is a sacred choice. Newly elected members of council will serve you for the next four years. I know the heart beat of our citizens. Please examine the character, commitment and talents of each candidate. Make your wise choices based on their past, our present situations and your future.
President Abraham Lincoln penned these words: “A government of the people, by the people, for the people.” This is the simplest, least expensive and best serving form of local government that focuses on you! Words are cheap. Actions will always speak volumes and relate the true nature of your servants. You have a historic opportunity to shape your elected officials by your vote. You will determine our progress as a city and ongoing tax rate by your vote and involvement in our local government. How will your choices follow the will of the people? Answer this question, in your heart and mind, prior to casting your vote.
Please vote! You will empower the words of President Lincoln to become alive again. They are as true today as they were when he penned them!
The writer is Trinity mayor and a candidate for re-election.

No-growth policy would doom Trinity
After listening to some of the candidates at the recent Trinity forum, candidates who are against any growth in Trinity, I felt some things should be explained about our finances.
From day one, we have dedicated 75 percent of our sales tax money to pay for sewer.
Sales tax is collected by the state and distributed by the county based on our population. If our population goes down, we get less money, if it goes up we get more. If in the future the state decides to base our allotment on the sales tax generated in Trinity, or if the county decides to distribute tax revenue based on the amount of property tax charged, which they can do each April — we are really in trouble, since we have no businesses to generate sales tax, and because our tax rate is so low.
At this point, no one expects either scenario to materialize, but who knows when that will change. Our property tax money is very small, because of our 10 cents on the hundred rate. Of course, it stands to reason, if our taxes go up, we get more money from that.
When we voted to pass the sewer bond, we as citizens of Trinity actually said we would be responsible to pay back the $15 million, if not through the City, then through our own pocketbooks. The city pledged its taxing power. That means, if the city cannot make those payments, we as citizens, are responsible through an increase in property taxes to the extent necessary to make the payments.
I am not trying to scare anyone, I am just concerned for the residents. Call Debbie Hinson at city hall, 431-2841, or Lisa with any questions.
I hope voter will consider the consequences if we have no growth in Trinity.
The writer is a candidate for Trinity mayor.

Elect leaders to move Trinity forward
Karen Bridges for mayor of Trinity? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Would you want a mayor who considers your input at City Council meetings as “a dog and pony show”?
Remember, she allied herself as part of the Trinity-5, who made a laughingstock of our city.  She participated in the unprofessional, mean-spirited removal of our former city manager.  She voted to kill the park project, even though residents wanted a park by a 3 to 1 majority.  She was, and still is, opposed to allowing citizens to petition the city to install street lights in their neighborhoods.  She was one of those, along with the other members of the Trinity-5, who ran and hid when the present city manager wanted to amend the city budget, thereby allowing Trinity to be in noncompliance with the state.  Would you really want a mayor like this?
We have an important election this year that could determine the course of our town for decades to come. I endorse Fran Andrews for mayor.  She will stand up to the shenanigans of the remaining Trinity-4.  Boyles had the chance during the park controversy to derail the Trinity-5’s actions, but instead voted with them, thereby losing my vote for mayor.  I also urge voters to re-elect Kristen Varner, Tommy Johnson and Barry Lambeth; and to elect Tyler Earnst.  We need a balance to those who want to run Trinity into the ground.
Voters should research who is running for council and determine who is allied to the remaining Trinity-4 members, then ask themselves if they want more of the outlandish actions we’ve witnessed in the last two years. We simply can’t afford a council with the majority we’ve had the past two years.


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