Your View: Reading different ideas expands horizons

Oct. 12, 2013 @ 07:52 PM

I am visiting High Point and as is my habit, I picked up and read the local paper, The High Point Enterprise, including Mike Hughes’ column concerning the banning of Ellison’s “Invisible Man” (Oct. 9).
I would not begin to tell the folks of High Point how to appropriately raise their children, what to read or how to behave.
I would like to say that I read “Invisible Man” in high school. As well as some other books some folks might not like; the Gospel of Buddha, Mao’s “little red book” and “Black like me.”
At that age, I was trying to get a picture of what the rest of the world thought and how it behaved. After reading these books I did not became a Buddhist, a communist, or even black (as if that were a possibility).
I did, however, have a fuller understanding of people and thoughts that I had not come in contact with in my young life.  I think that I am a better 60-year-old man today for having read them.
Perhaps we need to have faith in our children. If we raised them correctly, I believe that they can observe and study the world around them and still remain true to the ideals that we have instilled.
Finally, thanks to the people of High Point for their fine hospitality during my stay.
Lanexa, Va.

What public school allows prayer, Bible reading?
In response to Bill McInnis’ letter published Sept. 19, I see a very different view of our liberties in our public school system. He states, “Prayers and Bibles have never been removed from our schools.” What schools has he visited that still allow public prayers and Bible reading?
Clyde Dupin’s columns are not just his opinion, but the inspired Word of God. If we as a country don’t stand for something, we will fall for anything. Sadly, that is the direction we are headed.
In America, we do still have religious freedom in our homes and churches, but our public schools are a great platform for our children and young people, only Godly teaching and praying is not allowed there.
High Point


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• The president and Sen. Harry Reid. They both refuse to negotiate, demanding Republicans give in before they will talk. House has passed bills authorizing everything except ACA.

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