Your View: Check list of best/worst states for business

Jul. 16, 2013 @ 08:23 PM

Many readers have replied to the liberal New York Times editorial trashing North Carolina. Recently, I read the following in “Chief Executive Magazine” — North Carolina was the 3rd best state to do business and New York was the 49th. The top 10 states had Republican governors while seven of the worst states had Democratic governors.
In the mind of most business leaders, North Carolina’s friendliness is closely aligned with its tax and regulatory regime similarity. Work force quality also measures the perceived cooperativeness of workers with management, as well as people’s general work ethic and education attainment. The living environment metric measures the perceived quality of education, taxation and regulation, quality of work force and living environment.
Chief executives are the people who make decisions where to move or startup a new company and create jobs. All that the liberal Democratic states know how to do are increase spending, more regulations and increase taxes driving businesses to the South.
I recall several years ago a Northeast liberal elitist said that the No. 1 thing wrong with Duke University was that it was located in North Carolina. Need I say more!

Carbon dating, DNA don’t support evolution
In response to Wayne Quigley Sr. from Your View, May 23.
Quigley writes: “Evolution is real otherwise God lied to us by putting 300 million-year-old dinosaur bones in the ground for us to find.”
• God is not the liar; it is the source of Quigley’s information. Evolutionists have long used carbon dating to attempt to show that the Earth is millions of years old, but the facts are carbon dating always indicates dates much less. Most carbon is a stable variety called C-12 with only a small fraction of C-14, which is unstable, meaning C-14 is constantly decaying into nitrogen one atom at a time.
The half-life of C-14 is 5,730 years. In 5,730 years, 50 percent of C-14 will have decayed into nitrogen; in another 5,730 years, only 25 percent of the C-14 will remain, and so on. After 18 half-lives, there would be no C-14 remaining. Eighteen time 5,730 equals 103,140 years. If the entire mass of Earth were C-14, after one million years, there wouldn’t be even one atom left of C-14. C-14 has been found in diamonds claimed by evolutionists to be over one billion years old.
Quigley writes: “Perhaps God created evolution with us as the end result … self-modifying source code called DNA.”
• Evolutionists credit natural selection as the origin of DNA. There is no known law of nature, no process, no sequence of events that can scientifically cause information to originate by itself in matter. Information can only originate in a mind, the mind of the omniscient Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ. “All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made” (John 1:3). DNA is the ultimate proof that only God could have created the DNA molecule, and it did not come about through evolution.



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