Your View: Guest Column - Going off The N.Y. Times’ liberal plantation

Jul. 15, 2013 @ 07:22 PM


The principle intellectual burden in responding to New York Times content is deciding whether to address the article or the Times organization itself. After all, it was the Gray Lady that informed us that “God is Dead,” way back in the 1960s.
The Times is the “Death Star” of liberal promotion throughout the Ivy League world of pointy-headed brain police. And, don’t forget the Times investigative staff that gave editorial support in two elections for Barack Obama, even though they can’t even provide us with basic decision-making information like Obama’s grade-point average in college.
But, why is the Times picking on little old North Carolina, you ask? Seems that the Times editorial staff is upset that their house boy of Southern state hayseeds has gotten a bit uppity. N.C. was the “enlightened” Southern state. Never mind our place on various national performance lists, N.C. was “clean and nice talking.” But even though we voted to give their liberal candidate Obama a shot in 2008, in 2012 we had the audacity to base our votes on results. You start leaving the liberal plantation and the PC police are going to follow. Do the words, “going to put ya’ll back in chains,” ring a bell?
The Times stated we are 47th in education spending and have the 5th highest unemployment rate in the country. Well yea, this is why N.C. voters threw off nearly 150 years of Democrat Party control. It’s just a bit odd that the Times is ready to lay blame on Republicans for our social rankings after just six months, while the ink to print “Bush dun it” is still wet on their daily editions five years after he left office.
Hope and change was the Times’ mantra in 2008. But change in N.C. means a “demolition derby tearing down education, tax policy, racial equality ...” in which “one day a week may not be enough to contain the moral outrage.” It MAY NOT be enough if leftist organizers keep hauling professional whiners down to Raleigh, and if local papers fan the flames with fake issues like “ballgate” where useful idiots dragged kindergartners around in little red wagons.
After the 2012 elections, 38 states have one-party control of all three branches of government. Not that results will have any meaning for the N.Y. Times, but why don’t we let the elected officials do what they were elected to do? In four short years we can pass judgment on their results, instead of allowing an organized rabble and manufactured ridicule prejudge them now. The fact is that liberal leaders know full well what will happen when people stop letting Massa Times tell them how to think. This is the reason for the liberal full-court press here, and across the country. This Times hit job on N.C. is nothing more than their Paul Revere ride of alarm.
Danger! Danger! People are starting to think for themselves! Quick, let’s shame them back into the fold!

Steve Bryant lives in High Point. He can be reached for conversation at