Our View: It’s been said on hpe.com

Dec. 04, 2012 @ 01:09 AM

Each day, Our View editorials, Your View letters to the editor, guest columns and many of the columns by regular columnists appearing in the print edition’s Opinion and Commentary pages are placed on the Enterprise’s online version at hpe.com. Placing these opinion pieces online offers readers the opportunity to respond to the viewpoints immediately by adding comments that may in turn generate additional comments by other readers.
The Enterprise editorial board invites and encourages readers to participate in the public forum we offer by visiting hpe.com and expressing your views. Below are some things that have been said recently on hpe.com. Sometimes the conversations even get a little testy and the personalities clash. Check ’em out:

In response to Bob Kollar’s “Your View: Reform must stop assault on voting rights,” Nov. 23:
• By Philip Avon St. Cyr – The vast majority of states that are “cracking down on [almost non-existent] voting fraud” have Republican legislatures and/or governors. Independents, who also waited in line for hours, will remember who it was who caused that. And the same wonderfully democratic spirit that got out the vote for Obama is going to be having a two-year conversation with those independents to make absolutely sure they not only don’t forget their long waits, but also will understand that it was Republicans’ unethical, dishonest tactics that are behind other problems those independents are probably seeing in their states.

In response to Kristine Kaiser column “John Kerry is more valuable in Senate,” Nov. 24:
• Kaiser: “Sen. John Kerry, a Massachusetts liberal, is being considered for secretary of defense in Obama’s second administration. The Vietnam War hero is an excellent choice ...”
• Argus: There are 58,000+ names engraved upon the Vietnam Memorial, all of whom were characterized as “monsters” by a proven traitor, liar, record embellisher, gigolo and consummate fraud, John Kerry, and 99.9% of whom would take strong exception to your view.

In response to Chuck Bino column “Hope sprang, tripped and retreated,” Nov. 25:
• Revots: I read this column shortly after waking up around five hours ago...started to comment, but decided to wait and let it digest. ... That didn’t help. This column is amazing to me...Unbelievable...Disgusting. ... Comparing the re-election of The President of the United States to the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Disgusting. It’s beyond hyperbole. It’s insane and it’s un-American.
• Chuck Bino: Thanks Revots. As ever, you remain the master of assumption, incomprehension, and least likely to see the forest for the presence of trees. Better luck next time.
• Revots: Oh. I missed the point of your column? Then I’m obviously a “bad reader,” cause there is no way that you could just be a poor writer right? ...Good ole Chuck. Determined to prove he’s the smartest guy in the room, despite woefully lacking the qualifications for that distinction.