Your View: Cherished memories of barber shop live on

Apr. 06, 2014 @ 01:50 PM

I truly enjoyed and appreciate the article by Jimmy Tomlin in the March 28 Enterprise about College Village Barber Shop. It is sad that we see another great institution and tradition passing from the scene.
Another thing that made College Village such a good and decent place was the shoeshine man for close to fifty years, Dennis Steed. He generated a business and customer base all his own. Folks came from miles around to get their shoes shined and talk about sports, besides getting a haircut. He helped create an atmosphere that made it one of the best barber shops in town.
There are many good memories of the respectable men who worked at College Village Barber Shop and the great and faithful customers who entered its door. For many of us, the sound of clippers, the smell of hair tonic and talc, and the echo of “Next!” will never be forgotten!
College Village barber (1967-1974)

Stop allowing developers to rape our land
Caswyck Trail, LLC has proposed a development at 501 Hartley Drive. This would be a mistake for longtime homeowners in this area.
We have lived on Pine Grove Drive for 31 years. Every time development has been approved, developers were allowed to come in and literally rape the land. They remove every tree, leaving wildlife that has lived in the area for years, homeless. What are the deer, raccoons, foxes, turkeys, opossums supposed to do? They end up getting killed in the road or worse still, after their habitat is completely destroyed by humans, the humans want them hunted.
I can tell you where the ones who survive go. They come to the property of home owners who still have some trees and woods left. While I enjoy some of the creatures, it is an unfair burden for the people who have lived and paid high property taxes for many years.
Why aren’t developers made to account for this factor in their schemes to squeeze every dollar out of their projects. If they are going to remove every tree in sight, why aren’t they responsible for re-locating the wildlife?
Several examples of irresponsible development include:
Laurel Oak Ranch off of Westover Drive,
Cross Creek which adjoins laurel Oak Ranch,
Westover Gardens
Hedgecock Place
In every instance, trees were destroyed. This included many beautiful hardwood trees. The homes are crammed together worse than sardines. I don’t see how they can breathe. Oh, by the way, trees are essential for breathing.
I would like to see city government, for once, consider the longtime citizens who have called High Point home for years. The ones who live here because we like it. The ones who will be here still paying too-high property taxes when the street diets and pits are just embarrassing memories.
High Point

Heather Richardson and celebration inspired us
It was a true privilege to be in the presence of High Point’s Olympian, Heather Richardson. Thursday’s Hometown Hero event at High Point University was sensational, and left us all inspired by Heather’s hard work and dedication. As a citizen of High Point, I am proud of Heather’s achievements, as well as the support shown by the community, city executives, and High Point University.
High Point

Quit whining about gerrymandered districts
It galls me when liberals complain about gerrymandered districts, such as your Thursday editorial cartoon. Where were the liberals and Democrats when that slithering snake of a district down I-85 was created for the express reason of getting a pre-determined Democrat elected? One of the most illogical districts ever created.