Our View: Ups & Downs - Idea surfaces for veterans center

Oct. 10, 2013 @ 08:14 PM

THUMBS UP to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners and the possibility that the old Evergreens nursing home facility in High Point’s Five Points area might be renovated and reopened for use as temporary housing and a rehab center for homeless veterans. Commissioners voted last week to take the county-owned site off the real estate market to allow local officials, including Commissioner Bruce Davis of High Point, time to develop this proposal for a veterans center. As Commissioner Jeff Phillips noted, there’s currently no organized group that is pushing this idea, so he suggested only taking the property off the market for 120 days. However, there’s no one knocking on the county’s door trying to buy this property either. So there is time to develop a creditable plan for such a facility in conjunction with several local groups that provide some types of services to veterans.

THUMBS DOWN to more reports of troubles with those electronic tablets that Guilford County middle school students began using this year. The tablets are being shipped back to Amplify, the company from which GCS purchased them, for replacement of screens that are breaking. Additional reports of troubles with chargers for the tablets are being reported, too. These problems are putting a damper on a great personalized learning program that is being funded with $30 million in taxpayer dollars. Amplify needs to put a top priority on making good on this equipment so Guilford students can get on with the program as soon as possible. Besides, the taxpayers don’t want to see their money being wasted on substandard equipment purchases.

THUMBS SIDEWAYS to the man in Asheville who shot and killed a bear this week in a residential area of the city. According to news reports, the man, who was working outside his home, was alerted by neighbors that a bear was in the neighborhood. The man and his daughter went inside the home, and then the man came back outside and shot the bear, according to reports. The man might be charged with killing a bear out of season, authorities say, if it’s determined that shooting the bear violated state law. At issue is whether the bear was posing an immediate threat to life or property. There’s also the matter of discharging a firearm in the Asheville city limits. We’ll keep an eye out for more information on this to decide which way the thumb swings.