Your View: Fossil evidence for evolution isn’t there

May. 10, 2013 @ 10:43 PM

In response to Tina Dupuy’s April 17 column: I read it with a heavy heart. I assume by Dupuy’s comments, her mother was a Godly woman. But like all moms and dads, fallible. We do the best we can and hope all turns out well for our children.
The heavy heart I refer to is because Dupuy, like many thousands of other students across this country, have had their faith in God transformed into faith in another religion, evolution. When, we believe, we think, maybe, possibly, consensus, could have been, might have been are used, that is a belief system. Folks, we have eternity to face, no matter what we believe, I just hope and pray Dupuy will have a chance to change her heart.
I do not understand why Dupuy chose to use the word creation in its purest sense. Creationism stands on its own. From the beginning of time itself, all animals propagate after their own kind or species. Dogs, dogs and cats, cats, I do not recall any dats.
There are over 100 million fossils of 250,000 species, that have been collected and zero transitional creatures found. We should be able to dig up 9x10 to the 20th power of them in North Carolina alone. Evolutionist numbers, not mine. They come up with one occasionally, but each time it is proven a hoax.
Evolutionists have abandoned mutations, which is a loss of information, and the fossil record in droves. They are now holding on to the “Hopeful Monster Theory,” the title has been changed to “Punctuated equilibrium.”
By the way, there were dinosaurs on the boat, they made sure to take babies, and were sure to take a pink and blue one. This doesn’t take more faith than believing we all came from a rock 100 million years ago.



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