Your View: What’s the right thing to do with stray cats?

May. 09, 2013 @ 09:36 PM

My daughter-in-law had some stray cats come up where she lives, and of course the cat had kittens. She waited, fed them, made a home for them until time to catch, get them shots and have them fixed. This was something she really could not afford but she loves these cats.
She did all the right things, everything and more to take excellent care of these cats. Now she has a neighbor that complains about cats and gets traps to catch them. One was trapped a few weeks ago and when my daughter-in-law got to the Randolph County shelter to claim her animal, they had this cat only a couple days and were going to put it down in two days.
A cat that is beautiful, had shots, been wormed and fixed!  So I am asking all these organizations that preach, “catch, spade or neuter, release” why waste money doing that if all you do is kill them when some grouch sees a stray in their yard and complains? Is it only a money racket for them?
Why do the right thing and then they die anyway? She is at her wits end because these cats are her babies, but they are outside cats and love to be out. I’ve searched and searched for help with all these here but all I’m told by everyone is “catch, spade, neuter, release.” Now tell me why!  

HPU students contribute greatly to city
In a recent edition of the business section of the paper, an article was given concerning The City Project’s study of High Point.  The article included a comment that HPU and the students, and I guess this includes the staff, are “no good” to the income to the greater High Point area.  This is so untrue.
Just last week before semester’s end, I saw students eating in many restaurants, shopping at Harris-Teeter, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, TJ  Maxx, CVS, as well, as many, many more, and wherever there is “blue” umbrella from HPU. 
Wake up people and just remember how much the students and staff of HPU spend here and also do a great deal of volunteering in the school and other needed groups.
High Point


The request for responses goes on: What does High Point need? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to Here is one response:
• Dog park where dogs can run without leashes, play and socialize with other dogs.  Many other cities that leash laws have these parks, and this should be under consideration.

A bill in the N.C. Legislature would allow concealed carry permittees to keep handguns locked in their vehicles while in state and University of North Carolina system parking lots. Should this be allowed or should the firearms ban be continued? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or go to — — and post a comment online.