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May. 07, 2013 @ 11:09 PM

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On April 9, Thomas Terrell wrote: I have found it disgusting all the race-baiting and polarization of the people affiliated with the “Democrat” Party.  I think it needs to be said that Voter ID in no way disenfranchises anyone but those who wish to use the democratic process for unethical means.
As a student at GTCC, I go to the library nearly every day to use the computer in hopes that I can find a job. However, the library requires an ID with proof of address in order to receive Internet privileges. Now, purely from an analytical standpoint, if anyone goes to the library and observes the general demographics of the people using the computers they will find that a slight majority of the people using the library’s resources are African-Americans.  Yet no one from the left or from the NAACP is campaigning against the library from “disenfranchising” blacks or putting a “tax” on blacks to discourage them from using the facilities. ...
In response:
• ZacharyCabon: Thomas Terrell sees a few dozen people in a computer lab and then extrapolates the data onto tens of millions outside of such labs. Apparently, he’s not taking statistics at GTCC. A useful assignment for Mr. Terrell if he’s studying political science or economics would be to research entitlement programs and identify which entitlement program of any significance does not enjoy bipartisan support.
• James Martin: They also have to use picture ID, etc. to get that welfare check, cash that check, buy beer, pawn shop, cash that check at the grocery store, open a bank account to get that welfare check, etc, etc, etc. ...
• Guest: I think Thomas Terrell is a genius!
• Chuck Bino: Well put, Mr. Terrell. Sean Hannity had an excellent program last night composed of a room full of black Americans, echoing and clarifying the same points as you did. In truth, the GOP is the party that cares for the general uplifting of all tiers in our society. Our class conscious administration only stays in power as long as it makes the poor believe that their salvation is with the government, not their own efforts.