Your View: Yes, parents should teach responsibility

Jan. 28, 2013 @ 01:32 AM

Daniel Harper’s letter Jan. 10 (“Fault person who commits irresponsible actions”) was a good one, and I share many experiences with him. I am a gun owner too.  He has seen the effects of all violence, not just guns, as I have.  He grew up with guns, and like millions of other men, had direct and responsible training regarding safety, respect for life, and accountability. Just like me.
Harper and I are not the problem. Unfortunately, there are millions out there who did not have the benefit of that same responsible parental involvement, don’t have respect for life or understand the results of their violence.
In no way did I neglect personal accountability as an important issue.  In fact, my request was for the ladies to be more active in the family to instill a greater degree of accountability for their husbands and children regarding violence in general, gun violence specifically.  Society and the justice system always penalizes the lack of personal accountability in gun incidents.  It’s the law. Unfortunately, it’s always after the damage has occurred.
No group or business out there is willing to accept any responsibility for our increasingly violent culture. So be it. I suggested a constructive start is to confront the problem at the family level with greater parental control (in all aspects) to counteract the negative effects of our society. It will take decades, if not generations, to undo those negative influences that have taken that long to develop.
I will always exercise my First and Second Amendment rights.  Bet on it. Losing those rights will never happen in this country. Those are fundamental “inalienable” rights. I’m not attacking either and inferring that my letter was compromising or lacked my support is absurd. The need for controlling damage created by abuse of those rights, however, is my argument.
High Point

Protect our Second Amendment rights
The president is trying to disregard the Second Amendment, yet he will have Secret Service protection for life. While  denying us protection, Sen. Dianne Feinstein has a concealed weapons permit, but wants to deny this right to other Americans. N.Y. Gov. Andrew Coumo is protected by armed guards.  Most federal buildings are protected by armed guards. To have “gun-free zones” is ridiculous. It would be the same as if a citizen put a notice on his mailbox. This house does not have armed protection or a burglar alarm system. It would be inviting burglars.
Every American should have the right to own and carry a gun with him without a permit, and every building in America including schools and hospitals should state they are protected by armed guards. These incidents of mass shooting have occurred since God was taken out of our culture.
People do not have a moral compass. Violence is shown everywhere and the young are insensitive to real death. The Founding Fathers intended us to carry the same type of weapons carried by the police and armed forces in order to protect ourselves from an abusive governing class.  The American revolutionaries carried the same type of protection as the British soldiers. If they had not, the Revolutionary War would not have been won.
We need the Second Amendment and we need to vote people out of office who would deny us our Second Amendment right. In the area I live in, I am sure that every household has armed protection.


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