Our View: Ups and Downs – Williams Memorial and HPU polls

Nov. 23, 2012 @ 01:39 AM

THUMBS UP to the members of Williams Memorial CME Church, which this week gave thousands in the area a happy and thankful Thanksgiving. The church this year continued its Feeding 5,000 Project from last year, which was based on the biblical story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 members of crowd gathered to hear him teach.
But this year, the Williams Memorial congregation went a step better with its Feeding 7,000 Project. Tuesday, the church gave away 1,400 boxes of food, each including a turkey and fixings sufficient to provide a Thanksgiving Day meal for five.
Numerous people interviewed by the Enterprise while standing in line or just after receiving a box of food expressed their appreciation to the church and its members. Many of those interviewed were experiencing tough times during unemployment or just barely getting by.
Church pastor Robert J. Williams Jr. credited members of his church who have been working the last few weeks to collect food for the project and to prepare the boxes for distribution. He said it was a project in which the entire church membership participated.

THUMBS UP to all the folks who responded to a High Point University national poll that found Americans would rather volunteer with a community-based, nonpartisan organization or program instead of a political group or campaign. Answering a question about non-political community service, 36 percent said they “certainly” would and another 35 percent responded with strong support of such service.
Answering a question about political cause or campaign work, 15 percent said “will certainly” do it while 40 percent said “will certainly not.” Another 27 percent responded with strong opposition to political work.
Of course there’s nothing wrong with honest, sincere participation in the political process, but we tend to lean more heavily toward supporting the nonpartisan causes, too.

We’ve got to give THUMBS DOWN, however, to some of the folks who responded to another question asked during the HPU poll, which came in the days following the Nov. 6 general election. Responding to a question on voting in every national election, 78 percent responded that they “will certainly” do this. Statistically, however, some of those folks weren’t being honest. It’s been decades since the nation has had that level of turnout in a national election. Turnout since 1960 has been less than the 63 percent recorded that year.