Al Campbell: Another ‘funny season’ is upon us

Jan. 18, 2014 @ 11:11 PM

Someone once said, “For good citizens to constructively impact one’s country, there are, among other serious concerns, three positive avenues from which to participate.”  Well, maybe I am not quite correct on that quotation, so I confess to being the over zealous claimant — really attempting to attract your attention.  Hopefully, no harm done and certainly none intended!
Even though I might be guilty of other charges or misgivings, there just might be at least a small degree of truth and accuracy in that assertion.  Oh, because of attention given to the coming subject, I suspect some readers might misunderstand and think this writing is late.  Let me assure you that it is not, for time, to the contrary might appear early, for a different popular subject but effective preparation and implementation require much quality time for this particular subject.
Those who govern our lives, spend our tax dollars, punish violators, etc, are elected representatives we the people sometimes place in office or shamefully we abdicate that right and privilege and responsibility.  When the elective procedure is properly implemented, “we the people” can be proud of our citizenry participation.  Contrastingly, when we fail to first, select and second, elect public office holders, our citizenship responsibility will have been woefully misplaced!
Now back to that concerned subject I mentioned earlier – political campaigns and elections.  Even though most registered voters are frequently occupied with real or perceived matters they feel are important to them, their families’ importance usually gains their  attention.   As different matters are important to different responsible citizens, so to was politics originally intended!
When we consider the many unimportant, illegal and immoral acts perpetrated in the past few years by serving elected officials, should we constituents not place a great importance on our voting rights?  Example?  Are not the persons important who determine which ingredients are included in your baby’s formula?  Then is it too much to expect politicians to be honest?
This new year of 2014 is ushering in several elective campaign races, and likewise there will be no shortage of aspiring candidates, for nothing is unusual about either!  However, there are unusual circumstances creating some of the races and that alone will, as usual, give rise to what is sometimes referred to as, “the funny season.”  Some candidates might at times appear funny, but rest assured this country’s political procedure is neither funny nor was it intended!
Being involved either as a candidate or as a helping supportive volunteer is what enables hopefuls from every walk of life the privilege to be a manifestation part of our government.  With so many available and open elective seats, from local offices to the president, the opportunities to serve varied ways are unlimited.  Candidates are special individuals who aspire to fulfill one of the many exciting American dreams.  Every public election opportunity is a personal and open invitation to each citizen to introduce change. Maybe this year will be your time?
If by chance you feel the urge to seek an office within your jurisdiction, the enthusiasm experienced by a candidate is like no other and the victory of a successful campaign is truly humbling.  Additionally, to suddenly recognize the thrill of a winning campaign ultimately acknowledges sober responsibilities.  It becomes a new day for a new citizen!
Friends, family, the election board along with your preferred political party will assist you by gratefully thanking you in ways previously unimagined.
Good Luck to you candidates and us voters!

Al Campbell is a former High Point firefighter, City Council member and newspaper publisher, and he believes hunger is unacceptable … anywhere! His column appears here every other Sunday. Representations of fact and opinions are solely those of the author.