Your View: HPU draws visitors, stimulates city economy

Jan. 16, 2014 @ 09:04 PM

Over a period of less than a decade, High Point University has not only risen to become one of the most respected universities in the nation, it is now one of the leading entities in the city of High Point that brings money and resources into our city through visitors. 
These “out-of-towners” come to this incredible institution from all over the country all year round and this is helping to turn High Point into more of a year-round destination. To the extent the money that these visitors have been spent locally, that continues to confirm High Point University’s significant contribution to our local economy.
Spring Family Weekend is coming up on Jan. 31 through Feb. 3, bringing an estimated 2,500 visitors. At this event alone, these visitors will make an economic impact of over $1.2 million dollars. That kind of economic development is not only beneficial to this city, but it is a critical catalyst that will enable us to transform the city of High Point into an incredible year-round destination.
High Point
The writer is president and CEO of the High Point Convention & Visitors Bureau.

My Enterprise is important to me
The Jan. 5 column in The High Point Enterprise by Tom Campbell was both interesting and disturbing.
I found it disturbing to read that he said “newspapers are struggling to survive.”
That really concerns me! To get up in the morning, open my door and find my newspaper is a highlight of my day. Call me old-fashioned, but receiving my newspaper at my door is a longtime activity which I thoroughly enjoy.
Computers have their place, but reading my newspaper in the comfort of my recliner is such a pleasure for me. Enterprise, keep up your helpful and informative newspaper.
High Point

Raising minimum wage hurts workers
The Democrats seem to be hanging their re-election hopes in 2014 on raising the minimum wage. Obamacare is crashing and burning so they need a “NEW” theme. Since Dems are for the “little people,” what better populist theme than to raise the minimum wage.
Closing the income “inequality” gap (let’s be honest and just call it re-distribution) is one of Obama’s main pitches.
The Dems don’t understand economics — never have, never will. Raising the minimum wage increases job competition. You will have a larger and more qualified pool of applicants applying at McDonald’s. Heck, let’s raise the minimum to $100/hr and well have doctors applying for jobs at McDonald’s.
The lower educated and lesser qualified will suffer. Just the opposite of what the Dems believe will happen. (Not surprising to me!). This will HURT folks.
High Point


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