Your View: I’ve been pleased with Westchester Manor’s care

Jun. 23, 2013 @ 09:59 PM

I am writing in reference the front page article in the Friday, June 7, edition of The High Point Enterprise titled “Nursing home cited by state,” and the follow-up article appearing on June 11.
My wife has been a patient at Westchester Manor at Providence Place for a little over two years. During this period of time, I visit her four times a day. I have had ample opportunity to observe the administrators, the supervisors, nursing staff, CNA’s, activity directors, laundry and janitorial staff. I have witnessed not only the attention and care given to my wife but to others as well. I have been pleased with every aspect of their care. And you will not find a cleaner place in High Point.
I was very sorry to learn of the death of a patient of Westchester Manor as noted in the Tuesday, June 11 article. My only knowledge as to what transpired was what I read in the article. Certainly, the state inspectors have an obligation to review all the events leading up to the patient’s death. I am sure this matter will be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties involved. The family of the deceased has a right to know exactly what happened involving their loved one.
My purpose in writing this letter is to in some way try to mitigate what appeared in the newspaper so the reader does not come away with only negative thoughts about Westchester Manor. Westchester Manor’s past record speaks for itself. They have had several years in which they were found to be “deficient-free” by the state. I know the staff well enough to know they will take the results of this most recent inspection and use it as a means of improving and building on an already outstanding institution providing quality skilled-nursing services and rehabilitative care.
High Point

Politicians have ruined our country
Will someone tell this Georgia dirt farmer what in the H— has ruined this great, lovely country? Our bright-eyed politicians seem to know all the answers.
We have no money, they tell us, but one bright-eye took sacks of money to Karsi overseas. That is just one. Lord knows how many gets money from our bright-eyed beauties. Then there is the politician from Illinois that gave $500,000 of our tax-paid cash to this lobbyist. I would like to know how he got his hands on such a huge amount of money. They tell us the country is broke. Huh?
President Obama needs to get off his duff and start running this country. Tell these bright-eyed beauties to learn to dance on their own time. Hang up the phone and stop spying on just the Tea Party and hardworking taxpayers.
This is a great country, but if the president doesn’t clamp down on some of these bright-eyed beauties and the IRS, we will never survive.
May God continue to bless this great country and help us!
High Point



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