Your View: Guest Column - We can’t keep paying more to live here

Jun. 22, 2013 @ 09:56 PM


I would like to add my sentiments as a follow-up to Pearline Johnson’s letter (June 19, “City increases hurt lower-income residents”).  My opinion echoes hers.  I find it incredible how the citizens of High Point are treated.
Our local government continues to suck money from all of us.  Our property taxes are ridiculously high, and I’m sure because we get to skip one year of increases, we can count on another increase next year.  Our electric rates are increasing again by 4.9 percent and our water and sewer will also increase 4-6 percent in this fiscal year. A new $5-per-month garbage collection fee courtesy of City Manager Strib Boynton’s recommendation.
I would like to thank Councilman Jason Ewing for trying to get city staff to reduce the budget by $445,750, which would have resulted in a one-half cent reduction in our property tax rate.  Council members Foster Douglas and Jay Wagner supported Ewing’s idea.  Douglas also suggested a 2-percent cut across all city departments, but needless to say, neither of these ideas were approved.
It’s hard for me to read the articles that have been in the Enterprise following the city budgeting process.  I don’t know how our city leaders think we can continue to pay more and more to live in High Point.  And as far as city employees not getting a raise (after getting one last year), before I retired last year, my fellow employees and I did not receive raises for over three years and some of the employee benefits were also cut/reduced to try to save the company money so that people wouldn’t lose their jobs.
Is there anyone who is responsible for city of High Point budgeting who has ever run a business?  I really believe our city is run by people who operate like the U.S. Congress and the president – all of you don’t seem to understand how real people live. You’re in your own little world and the citizens are the ones who are paying your way.

Judy (J.C.) Cranford lives in High Point.



High Point City Council has adopted a budget for next year that raises water, sewer and electric rates and assesses a monthly garbage fee. How do you feel about that? What could be done to avoid future increases? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to Here is one comment:
• It’s fiscally irresponsible. It funds non-essential services/outside agencies first and essential services last. No one would do this in their personal budget. Shouldn’t be done in municipal budget, either.

It’s looking like a battle next year between Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan and one of several possible Republicans for Hagan’s U.S. Senate seat. Which candidate do you pick right now? Why? Which other candidates are possible? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to