Chuck Bino: A ‘Gotcha!’ moment for all concerned

Jun. 22, 2013 @ 07:39 PM

We showed the whole world what a non-racist, diversified, progressive society we were by electing a biracial African American to the U.S. presidency, not once, but twice.
Everything else in this nation which follows as political or societal seems almost an anticlimax.
No need for us to be concerned now, as all lesser things seem entirely possible and permissible.  Cheap health care for all has become a reality, as he promised. Terrorism was chased away with the death of Osama bin Laden, as he promised.  Though also promised, we have too much evidence of the deficit not having been halved by the end of his first term. Nobody is perfect!  But, isn’t it great that his friends in the Fed can keep printing money? It’s got to be a blessing to have like-minded compatriots in his Cabinet, all those progressive “czars” surrounding the president with advice.  
Let’s dream for a moment.  Imagine what an amazing legacy it might have been for historians to attribute to our current president — just to have calmly presided over a real economic recovery, to have made some reasonable concessions with the GOP on “anything at all,” to have reduced the debt and deficit just in their rates of growth, to have fostered more interstate competition in the Medicare arena, to have lessened the growing dependence on big government … it wouldn’t have taken much to become a long praised, well remembered, and effective leader.   I’d have helped to cut the stone for him at Mount Rushmore.
But, his signature ACA is called a “train wreck.” The best we can say is that the economy is “seemingly” improving.  Housing prices are up from the terrible 2008 slump, probably due to eased interest rules.  Fannie and Freddie are at it again. Isn’t that what helped start the last burst housing bubble?  We have short memories and lots of complacency.
It could be that this administration may best be remembered for its alphabet scandals. FBI, IRS, NSA, CIA, ICE – hard to keep them all in their proper sequence or gravity,  or which term of this presidency may have had the worst impression on this great nation.  The ineptitude of two out of three branches of our government still leaves a .333 possible average, and that is OK for sports fans.  As long as nothing the “inepts” pull off affects him in the short-term, doesn’t cut into his chill time, why should the average person worry prematurely about security, a better job, retirement, or medical insurance?  It’s as if all that right wing commotion on Fox News, the almost equal and opposite lack of concern by the other main media, has all been background noise.  Isn’t that the way it’s been ever since before the 2008 primary season?
After learning that my older grandson in High Point relegates all of my email with any attachments to his zapped “spam” file, I eased up on trying to “conservatize” the younger one.  You can imagine my surprise last week when Zach (the younger) gave his strong objection to any hint of spying on his emails, texts, or phone calls.  It’s as if “Big Government” got caught doing the unthinkable (a gotcha) to him and his numerous web surfer friends, something that no amount of my opinions, written warnings, or columns could ever have accomplished.
There is both written and tacit consent involved when one allows Microsoft, Apple, or Google to “data mine” one’s PC operations. Now, we can say another “Gotcha!” from us to this secretive, warrantless, intrusive, over-reaching government.

Chuck Bino lives in High Point with his wife, Sue, after technical and management careers in manufacturing and retail. Representations of fact and opinions are solely those of the author.