YOUR VIEW: Madam Mayor, I strongly disagree

Oct. 06, 2013 @ 05:15 AM

Regarding today’s (Oct. 2, 2013) headline; Sims reaffirms resolve to stay.

While reading the article there is one paragraph midway through the article that really struck a nerve with me, “Sims says her financial issues are personal matters that have nothing to do with her public duties.”

Madam Mayor I strongly disagree, it’s a little something called integrity, the dictionary says this about integrity;

1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Apparently the mayor has a switch she can turn on and off as needed. It appears she has no integrity when dealing with personal financial issues but has it when dealing with City of High Point issues. Just like a lot of things in politics today, I ain’t buying it.




Get the Romans out of Washington

Everyone should read Edward Gibbon’s “The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire.” I admit it’s a tough read but it completely captures the process of how a world power collapses.

The first shoe to fall is the moral and ethical decline of society fostered by government. We have already passed this test. Recent headlines include:

Transgendered boy elected high school homecoming queen

Gay parents divorce splitting adopted twin children

All time high for sexual predators

All time high prison population

All time high welfare, food stamp, disability recipients

One million abortions a year

The final shoe to drop is the debasement of the currency. The Romans ran out of gold to support their wasteful spending.

Today the Federal Reserve (government) is printing $85 billion/month in free money. (Can you say one trillion per year?) Can’t print gold but you can print paper.

Their stated objective is to increase inflation. The government objective is to increase your grocery, gas, insurance, etc so we’ll all feel better. Raise the minimum wage to $10/hour for burger flippers.

When government sets out to reduce your standard of living, we are near the end.

Every two years we have the opportunity to vote and end this madness. November 2014 is our next and maybe our last hope.

We can start by sending left-wing Democrat Kay Hagan into retirement. She has the qualifications to represent Tar Heel folks like I qualify for Navy Seal training!

This may be our last chance to get the Romans out of Washington before our decline is complete.


High Point


Story about global warming is just fluff

There is a strong disconnect between what the government wants you to believe and reality and news organizations such as Associated Press are 100 percent behind the government’s version of “the truth.”  Once again (Wednesday, Sept. 25th High Point Enterprise, Page B6) there is yet another pitiful excuse for journalism entitled “What 95-percent certainty of warming means.”

In this story by the Associated Press, there is not one single fact reported in this article, not one credible scientific source named, yet the Enterprise publishes it without hesitation. When I took journalism in school, we were taught that the most important facts should lead the story and questions such as “who, what, when and why” must be answered in order of importance to the reader.

Yet in this one article the sources, named in the first sentence, are “Top scientists from a variety of fields.”  What fields?  Do these “scientists” have names and credentials?  How are these “scientists” experts in Earth’s climate and it’s history? It doesn’t say. It’s merely a fluff piece aiming at making a mockery of anyone who speaks the actual truth about the story, the fact that it is nothing more than a man-made hoax to redistribute your wealth into the hands of the government.

Elections have consequences, as do masses of low information voters. Those depending on news that rely on sources like the AP are low information for a reason. They are being spoon fed a government-created bill of goods which attacks those who disagree with their hair-brained schemes in a never-ending attempt to change the “narrative” with the intention being to remove your hard-earned cash from your pockets.


High Point