Letter to the editor from Mayor Bernita Sims: I have no intentions of vacating my office as mayor

Sep. 20, 2013 @ 06:58 PM

To the citizens of High Point:

I have read the letters forwarded to the Enterprise regarding my service on this council and the recommendation and request from several Council members to resign as Mayor of this city. On Nov. 6, 2012, I was elected to the position of mayor of the City of High Point by 33 percent of the voters in a general election. Voters, who cast their votes for me, knew of my service to this community for the past 10 years and had confidence in my ability to lead this city.   

I understand the need to bow to pressure from your constituents regarding an issue because I have been there. I also understand that my fellow council members are looking forward to 2014 and the municipal elections. As council member Smothers has said in her communiqué, council does not have the authority to unseat me from my elected position.

While Smothers expresses disappointment concerning what she and others believe will be my legacy, she nor the other members of council will define what my legacy will be. I have no intentions of vacating my office as mayor based on letters from High Point City Council members or motions to step down.  

There have been few conversations between myself and the council regarding any of the issues that have been played out in the media. My personal life is my personal life. I have consistently since taking the oath of office performed the duties of this office in a manner that is consistent with my peers.

I will continue to fulfill my obligations to this community regardless of the feelings of my fellow council members.  Until we can have honest dialogue and discourse regarding our community and the machinations that have ensued, I see no need to bow to the pressure of fellow elected officials concerning this matter.

I have been advised by many to stay the course.  This is my intention. As a true believer in the word of Jesus Christ, these adversities that I face will only make me stronger.  There will be glory after this.    

Mayor Bernita Sims