Letter to the editor from Councilman Davis: Mayor Sims and Councilman Douglas, please resign

Sep. 20, 2013 @ 06:51 PM

Mayor Sims and Councilman Douglas please resign

Citizens of High Point,

I write to you today with a heavy heart. Many of you have lost confidence in your city’s leadership team. Over the past few months, media coverage has informed us all of issues of personal concern with Mayor Sims and Councilman Douglas. I personally have had an enormous amount of conversations with citizens from Ward 5 and all parts of our great City.

I have said from the beginning, these issues were personal in nature and would not become a distraction from the job you elected me to do. I can no longer stand behind that statement as it has become a major distraction.

These issues cast a shadow; question the character and the credibility of us all. The confidence and support of the citizens of High Point are necessary for effective government and the City Council is obligated to attempt to restore such confidence when it has been compromised. 

This lack of confidence in City Government will persist as long as Mayor Sims and Councilman Douglas remain in office. I would add that no one has been charged with a crime and I have no authority or part in his or her issues. 

Many of you question why there has been no public acknowledgement by the two elected leaders or by others of us on Council. Some think that other members of Council or city leadership are accepting of this behavior or perhaps we want to sweep this under the rug.

During my campaign, I pledged to be your voice on Council. I have heard your resounding and overwhelming responses as how our city and leadership are being displayed for the entire world to see.

Today, I’m going to do the job you elected me to do. Your voice has told me to ask for the resignations of Mayor Sims and Councilman Douglas.This is an uncomfortable request but a necessary task to help our City move forward. Mayor Sims and Councilman Douglas have always treated me with respect and professionalism. I harbor no ill will towards either of them.

So, it with a heavy heart, Mayor Sims and Councilman Douglas, do what’s best for our City and our citizens, please resign!

Councilman Jim Davis

Ward 5