Your view: How times have changed in the furniture capital

Sep. 18, 2013 @ 03:58 PM

Columnist just wants people to follow his beliefs

When I read Clyde Dupin’s columns decrying the loss of religious liberty, I feel like I’m being transported back to 16th century Europe when kings decided what church you could attend and what you should believe. But that is hardly the case. Dupin uses distorted statements to support his claims of a loss of liberty. Our government does not attack God. Prayers and Bibles have never been removed from our schools. Why don’t religious men use honest arguments? What Dupin really means is that he wants people to listen to his kind of prayers and follow his beliefs. Everyday we read about the horrors in Middle Eastern countries where religious rulers determine what is allowable and where prayers are broadcast over loudspeakers and everyone is expected to follow only one belief. Is this what he really wants for us?

Bill McInnis

High Point


How times have changed in the furniture capital

When I went to work in a furniture factory in 1964, there were factories all over this area. There were one-man operations on up to Thomasville Furniture Industries that covered Thomasville, not counting the small ones.

Most people who wanted to work could do so seven days a week if he or she wanted to do so. Not only did we have furniture, but there was hosiery, textile, clothing and cotton mills. You didn’t get rich, but people bought homes, raised families and a lot of them were proud of what they had.

Along came President Clinton and big corporations and unions. They tell us how great NAFTA and CAFTA free trade will be. Look at us now. All of our jobs lost. Companies offshore our work. What was not sent away, the government, OSHA, EPA rules and all the other regulations cost us the rest. Now look at what we have.

Drive through this area and count the companies we have — not very many. We used to be known as the furniture and hosiery capital of the world. Before long we are going to be the unemployed capital of the world.

Ted Embler



It's wrong to use poison gas on animals too

On Sept. 10 our President spoke about his outrage in Syria. That chemical warfare “poison gas” was being used to kill innocent civilians. That we as Americans would not tolerate the Syrian people being killed in such a horrific way and we would if necessary strike to send a message. So why is it being allowed in shelters daily to kill animals? I am in no way making light of the situation in Syria. It’s horrible and I agree he should take whatever means necessary to ensure that the same does not happen to US citizens in a terrorist attack. But as he called it “poison gas” is poison gas no matter whom it is used on. If he is against it, he should be against it in our shelters as well. I think now more than ever is the time for us to make a stand and call for the banning gas chambers state wide in North Carolina.  If we could accomplish a state wide ban of gas chambers hopefully other states would follow our example. Animals do not deserve to die just because they were born, especially in this manor. There is info all over the internet on how to contact our elected officials and how to start petitions. If you have never witnessed an animal dying in a gas chamber there is video footage on as well. You don’t have to be an animal lover like me to want this to stop. You just have to have the heart GOD gave you.


Angie Allred