Your View: Union did nothing but take my money

Sep. 17, 2013 @ 06:16 PM


Having been on both sides of the union issue at Thomas Built Buses, I would like to offer my feelings about the United Auto Workers at Thomas.
At first, I was all about joining the union and making what I thought would be a difference at my workplace. I bought into the union’s promises of how the company would give the kind of raises and benefits that the other union plants were getting and how they couldn’t do anything unless the union voted on it. After five years of paying dues and seeing with my own eyes what was really going on, I got out.
First off, it took two or three months for them to stop taking dues out of my check after I told them I was getting out. I had already paid them nearly $2,400 in dues for doing nothing for me, and they wanted more, and, by the way, my pay wasn’t increased by one cent while I was a paying member.
Since the union came in in 2005, I have received one raise of $0.39 per hour and supposed to get another $0.20 per hour in October. That’s a $0.59 per hour increase in eight years under UAW contract. On eight year average, that’s around 71⁄2 cents per hour added to my rate. That’s not even enough to get back what I spent out in dues.
All the while, I was seeing people in power walking around getting paid to try and get more people to join the union on company time even though they’re not supposed to be doing it. Those guys and people who don’t want to work are the only ones who I see are better off because of the union at Thomas.
As far as voting on everything goes, we were told by the company the other day that employees couldn’t carry cell phones on them while they were working anymore. No vote was held. Employees like me will be watching to see if the union officials can still wear them and talk on them.

Tommy Cecil lives in High Point.


Congrats for serving those with disabilities
After a  gloomy day of recollection of heartbreaking and discouraging 9-11 stories, last Thursday’s edition of The High Point Enterprise brought to us a happy news story.
Congratulations to Longhorn Steakhouse for being involved in the Lifespan program, and for being named employer of the year. The Lifespan program is a statewide agency serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Congratulations also to a fine gentleman, Bill Callas, for being an excellent example of this program.
High Point



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