Your View: Council should call for resignations

Sep. 16, 2013 @ 06:01 PM

The situation with elected officials in High Point – specifically Mayor Bernita Sims and Councilman Foster Douglas – is becoming more ridiculous and embarrassing every day.  Since there is no recall procedure in North Carolina, I believe our City Council should immediately and publicly call for the resignations of Sims and Douglas. 
It’s unthinkable that Sims and Douglas can continue to retain their positions and be paid by the very people that they are showing such contempt for.  If the rest of the members of our City Council do not want to be associated with people who are displaying such disregard for the rules and ethical behavior that most of us try to live by, then I suggest, again, that they call for resignations.
North Carolina has no elected official recall procedure.  However, there is a petition on the website started by Carrie Griego from Boone, NC, petitioning the State House, State Senate and Gov. McCrory to establish a policy for the recall of elected officials in North Carolina.  I recently signed the petition – there are only 155 more signatures needed.  If you want to add your signature, here is the website address:
The days of sitting back and just watching this happen to our city should be over if you care at all.
High Point

GOP women are working to improve city
Cynthia Davis is a great asset to the High Point Republican Women’s group that meets the last Thursday of each month. We meet at the Golden-B Restaurant on North Main Street at 6:30 p.m. Cynthia, who ran for City Council at Large in 2012, brings valuable information and updates to the group concerning High Point and High Point City Council, city proposed tax increases, city plans, and future improvements and developments. We are very fortunate to have her as part of our group and a dedicated, concerned citizen of High Point. She wants to see, along with the group members, city improvements, numerous changes and decreasing of our city’s wasteful, excessive spending.
Ladies, please, come and join us, listen in about the city’s plans, and give us your thoughts and input. We would love to see you there! We’ re saving you a seat! By working together, hopefully, we can see great changes and improve the city’s vitality, generate citizen’ s interest and commitment, and revitalize and ignite our town once again. Only by working together and showing interest and concern will things turn around and improve in our city!
High Point


North Carolina law does not provide for recall elections for officeholders — until the next election, of course. Should N.C. law be changed to allow recall elections? What’s your view? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or go to under Opinion and post a comment.  Here are two comments:
• Please recall that Gov. Walker in Wisconsin was subject of a recall because he instituted changes which offended multiple unions. That concerned reducing expenses for the state.
• Legislation is being prepared in New Hanover County to address removing undesirable public officials. Maybe we should give someone down east a call and create a strategic alliance.