Your View: They change numbers to generate growth

Aug. 13, 2013 @ 09:31 PM

Folks the thoroughly corrupted, terminally biased, Obamamedia acolytes continue cover for Obama’s still, four years later, disastrous economy.
The Obama network,  sometimes called NBC, through CNBC reported, repressing a laugh, that after four nightmarish Obama years, growth has “accelerated” to 1.7 percent, leading to an “upbeat” economic report.
Before you get too excited over that glorious 1.7 percent number, Market Watch, on the same day, reported that Obama’s Commerce Department has changed how it calculates GDP, designed to have the data better reflect the so-called “knowledge” economy. Huh?
The result of the “definitional” changes, besides trying to fool the clueless among us, is that though the actual growth hasn’t changed much, $526 billion has been added, on paper, to the “new and improved” GDP calculations, leading to the “accelerated” 1.7 percent growth.
It’s much like calculating inflation leaving out the things we buy daily, food and energy, designed to make you believe that inflation is at 1-2 percent, when anyone with a single living brain cell knows it’s much higher, perhaps 7-10 percent. The inflation calculation has also been “improved” since the days of double digit inflation in the 1970s. Now, even if it exists, it’s not reported.
Also the AP told us the Obamacare delays will cost the “government” $10 billion. WE taxpayers are the government. They don’t hold bake sales or car washes for money, they extort it from us. Therefore the delays will cost taxpayers billions!
Shouldn’t the Obamamedia be explaining/exposing the new GDP calculations, what the actual inflation and unemployment rates are? You cannot have a truly free society when the national media that’s afforded special Constitutional powers to be government watchdogs, instead become government lapdogs.
Sadly, but expectedly, none the four recent administration scandals were broken by the American media. They’ve become part of the “enemy within.”
High Point

New book, museum tell city’s story
Our thanks and congratulations to Barbara E. Taylor and to everyone she acknowledges in “High Point,” recently published by Arcadia Publishing. This lively little paperback is simply and effectively presented in six chapters, “How We Worked, Played, Learned, Worshipped, Celebrated and Who We Are,” filled with photographs mostly never before published, submitted by local contributors and found in the Mary Lib Joyce Collection at High Point Public Library.
Kudos to Taylor, former director of the High Point Museum, for her intricately developed  captions, amplifying each photograph; every picture tells a story! “High Point” is available at High Point Museum, 1859 E. Lexington Ave., and elsewhere locally.
Kudos as well to High Point Museum for an also simple, effective 2:45 “Postcard Slideshow” of classic High Point images printed on postcards of yesteryear, available online as part of a special exhibit examining change in High Point. What timing! Enjoy. Ignite.
High Point


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