Al Campbell: Marriage isn’t the government’s business

Jul. 05, 2014 @ 10:50 PM

At the risk of being or even sounding redundant, I feel compelled to join in and add my thoughts to that which has become and continues to grow even larger each day. As once penned years ago, now is the time to for every man or woman to come to the aid of his or her country, or something like that, my thoughts are simmering within while anxiously awaiting an outside public exposure.
Well that might be a bit over zealous, however the thought still urges me to offer my honest feelings because of my unforgettable experienced past.  When the stings of frequent exclusion, often Ignored or systemic denials continue paining, to participate in the same against others is beyond my comprehension and hopefully my personal actions.
By now I suspect some readers know from personal experiences or their own decent intuition what is about to be repeated.  But for those who don’t or those who ignore, recently, “the truth” was reinstated by this nation’s Supreme Court and further implemented by this nation’s President Obama.
First, let me reiterate my belief on treatment of “others.”  I strive to treat others the same as I wish to be treated. That which I desire or of which I am entitled, I try to extend the same to others. Said a more popular and familiar way, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!”  Sorry about that sermon, but I thought my position should again be made clear before boldly or recklessly espousing my thoughts.
Neither treatment of same-sex marriage nor treatment of opposite-sex marriage is the legal nor moral responsibility of government.  Both are GOD-given rights accepted and agreed upon by two mature adults which law-abiding citizens should cherish and respect if and when desired.  The government should not and must not be permitted to interfere with or interrupt the pursuit of religious guidance for human happiness and enjoyment.
In its attempt to control human population numbers, remember the despicable eugenics program North Carolina so stubbornly insisted to continue? That forced sterilization program was continued in North Carolina although other states finally recognized the moral fallacy, withdrew and discontinued that indecent endeavor.
That alone was just one of man’s many detestable and ungodly attempts to desecrate God’s perfection.  What then is marriage?  Executed as originally designed is the natural birth control, is it not?  Please, forgive me for forcing my theology on you, but understand, when tempted on this and other like issues, this writer gleefully welcomes and accepts the opportunity to share the Scriptures, as written, rather than withdraw and say nothing when others attempt to alter the intent of the Scriptures!    
Certainly many of us are aware that God ordained both government and marriage — government to maintain an orderly society and marriage to maintain morality, something of which mortal man is morally incapable!  Knowing both are essential, instead we continue using our man-made political process to select then elect politicians to do our dirty work in a cowardly attempt to ignore the Scriptures to have our own selfish way.  Understand, HIS ways are clear, while our ways are rudely debated in committee, yet seldom if ever correct!  There I go preaching again — “sorry ‘bout that!”
If we try a little harder to understand the plights and/or predicaments of others, we might find less time or fewer excuses to dispute and condemn others.  It is our constitutional right along with our human privilege for all to indulge in, participate in and enjoy.   Selecting, then electing alliances or associates to do our dirty work is considered, at the least, devious, as I see it!

Al Campbell is a former High Point firefighter, City Council member and newspaper publisher, and he believes hunger is unacceptable … anywhere! His column appears here every other Sunday. Representations of fact and opinions are solely those of the author.