Your View: Walker will be the people’s voice

Jul. 05, 2014 @ 04:45 AM


You 6th Congressional District voters who didn't vote in May and those who voted for Mark Walker (I did!), please make it to the polls on July 15. We need all of you who want to have a voice in Congress, to come out and vote for Walker. At least, I want a voice in Congress.  How about you?
Don't let political parties, who push their own favorite candidates, who are for  "business as usual," keep their voices in Congress. Let's get our voices heard in Congress again.
Walker is by the people, of the people, and for the people. He wants to restore the U.S. Constitution and how our nation used to be:  One Nation Under God, with liberty and justice for all. Where most of the people we voted for were not corrupt and being bought off by special interest groups.
What does Walker do to help others?  Each summer, he leads dozens of volunteers into the heart of the nation's larger inner cities for mission work to help others. Walker has served in various pastor roles, most recently at Lawndale Baptist Church. 
What will he do once he's elected to office?  He will work on the economy, and wants to put an end to wasteful spending and get the national debt under control.  He says “our ballooning debt is hazardous to our economy and national security.”
Walker is 100 percent pro-life from conception onward.  He feels that “every life is sacred, and every child has a right to live. To protect this right, he will work diligently to pass legislation, clearly stating that all life begins at conception." This author believes if one's soul is given one at conception by God, then that's when each one of us starts to exist.
Walker believes that Obamacare should be repealed, and will make that one of his top legislative priorities.
Walker is for immigration reform.  He feels that we should secure our borders first, then get more employees to work through the backlog of those who came into the country legally, to process their paperwork.
He believes that every citizen should take care of the environment. Those who mess up the environment must be held accountable for their abuse. Walker said:  "I believe God provided the earth for us and we have the responsibility to take care of it."
He is also for the Second Amendment.  This writer believes that common sense should prevail where guns are concerned. That everyone buying a gun should have a background check. They should answer a question that says:  Why do you need this weapon?
This writer checked out all candidates running for office in May before she voted, and Walker was tops — No. 1.  Phil Berger Jr. came in second because he was for keeping the government as it is.
I urge you, let’s vote for No. 1!  Let's get Mark Walker on the November ballot. All of you Republicans who didn't vote, and you unaffiliated voters, who didn't vote yet, get out there and vote on July 15.  Remember, you not voting is a vote for the other party!  And we then won't get our voice heard in Congress!

Camille Pepe-Fadia lives in High Point.