Your View: Are our youth not qualified for military?

Jul. 01, 2014 @ 08:55 PM

The interesting news event this week is a Department of Defense study which indicates 71 percent of youths between ages 17-24 are NOT qualified for military service. Only 1 percent of those who are eligible are inclined to join the military. That leaves is a pool of about 90,000, not even four divisions.
Have we become a nation so fat, so uneducated, so “inked up,” so ADHD, so criminal, that we are becoming unable to field a military to defend us?
It seems so. 
This is bound to get the Liberals up in arms. The military must be too discriminatory; too “picky”  “We must break down these barriers of inequality in this country!”
The Liberals won’t be happy until our army is staffed by overweight, tattooed, felons in power chairs. You got to love ‘em, even as they destroy our country. Hey – let’s unionize the Marines!
High Point