Your View: Southwest High Point has many bright spots

Apr. 09, 2013 @ 09:51 PM

While I appreciate Dorothy Darr and her passionate campaign to clean up other people’s properties that she feels are blighted areas within High Point city limits, her broad brush paints a picture for the readers of the HPE who have never been in Southwest High Point that everything there is the same; that’s just not accurate.
There are still a lot of very healthy and profitable, fine furniture, textiles and supporting businesses in Southwest High Point. There are many more responsible property owners and business owners who like me might be a little offended by the broad brush she uses in an area that we live and work in.
Sure, I can show you grossly neglected business properties, but I can also show you lots of well-kept business, still providing thousand’s of head of household jobs in — yes, furniture, textiles, apparel, buses, truck bodies, dairy products, corrugated containers, chemicals, plastics, logistics and much more. Southwest High Point has always been the home for thousands of traditional manufacturing jobs. While those traditional industrial buildings might look older and more functional than opulent — they still provide jobs and tax base.
Let’s celebrate the successful furniture, textile and other businesses still in Southwest High Point. Let’s work with property and business owners in the area, and let’s be targeted about what and where improvements need to be made and let’s encourage entrepreneurs not goats to come invest in Southwest High Point! Our jobs and tax base today and tomorrow depend on it.
High Point

Lose license after just one DWI
I would urge the North Carolina Legislature to go further regarding consequences for driving while impaired (DWI). Considering that driving is a privilege and that motor vehicles have great power to do harm, a motorist who chooses to drink and drive should lose the privilege to drive for good after the first offense. Current laws do not create a viable deterrent to this inappropriate, unacceptable and costly behavior.
Morehead City
P.S. I enjoy reading The High Point Enterprise while visiting Friends at Deep River.


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