Your View: ID doesn’t disenfranchise blacks at library

Apr. 08, 2013 @ 08:59 PM

I have found it disgusting all the race-baiting and polarization of the people affiliated with the “Democrat” Party.  I think it needs to be said that Voter ID in no way disenfranchises anyone but those who wish to use the Democratic process for unethical means.
As a student at Guilford Technical Community College, I go to the library nearly every day to use the computer in hopes that I can find a job.  However, the library requires an ID with proof of address in order to receive Internet privileges.  Now, purely from an analytical standpoint, if anyone goes to the library and observes the general demographics of the people using the computers they will find that a slight majority of the people using the library’s resources are African-Americans.  Yet no one from the left or from the NAACP is campaigning against the library from “disenfranchising” blacks or putting a “tax” on blacks to discourage them from using the facilities.
I find it deplorable that these “leaders” find it necessary to stir people up by using words that invoke emotional responses.  I also think that the people who benefit from racism should stop all of the hate and vitriol directed at the men who decide they want better for themselves and when they achieve they try to minister to others on how to achieve it.  Dr. Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell are two examples. 
They are two black men who know that the welfare state and government entitlement programs are really tools used by the Democratic Party to keep low-income and low-information voters under their control.  The government needs to stop subsidizing people for political gain.  The misconception that blacks cannot achieve anything by their own merits is a farce and it has gone on too long.  People need to step back and truly see what their representatives are doing.
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‘Real world’ records hurt nation
March 28 was a record day for America. The stock market hit an all-time high. Thanks to Ben Bernanke’s $85 billion per month of money printing, Wall Street is again on a roll. Those in the 1 percent are having a record year.
Meanwhile, back in the real world:
• 47.8 million Americans are on Food Stamps – a record.
• 10.4 Million are on SS Disability – a record.
• 8.3 million are on Supplemental Income Benefits – a record.
• 54 million on Medicaid (not Medicare) – a record.
• 60 million seniors drawing ZERO interest on their savings – a record.
We are a country that likes setting records. Unfortunately, we are setting the wrong ones!
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State Sen. Trudy Wade, R-Guilford, has proposed redistricting county school board lines, reducing board member term lengths and making elections partisan. What’s your view? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here is one response:
• Trudy Wade needs to do what she does best:  be a veterinarian.

A bill in the N.C. Legislature would extend the mandatory waiting period to get a divorce to two years instead of one, require couples to take courses in hopes of reconsidering divorce and also allow them to live together instead of separating during the process. What’s your view? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to