Your View: See for yourself what’s required to buy firearms

Apr. 03, 2013 @ 09:43 PM

We are constantly being told by the media that people favor more gun laws. I suggest asking one of your local gun dealers to let you read the current form 4473 that is required by all legal gun buyers to complete before a purchase.
A background check is then called into the ATF, unless the buyer has a concealed carry state permit. The media has its own agenda. Before falling for everything you hear, go and see how things are being done now and then decide what another law can do.
Our problem is criminals. If you go home and find your door kicked in and personal items gone, you will better understand the problem. You will also understand, as good as your local law enforcement is, it does take time to respond. It is your decision as to how you handle your personal situation, it is still a choice here. Let us keep it that way.
High Point

Obama draws unfair blame from critics
The Obama presidency is like a dangerous highway; it’s not dangerous until other people get on to it.
The speed bumps, curves and potholes of others misjudgments make the driving almost impossible to be corrected. Blame without just cause cannot hurt a good man by unjust criticism, but only strengthens his legacy. The highway that he is on is filled with the bitterness of “racism” at its highest level with a Congress gone constitutional illiterate.
Taxpayers have always funded (lavishly) the president, congressional, Senate and judicial systems, but our government tells the taxpayers what we will pay them. The taxpayers pay all government systems “uwell-fare” (health-care) so they can “fare well,” with the hope they would well “govern” fairly for all taxpayers, and non-taxpayers as well.
Presidents live in the “White House” (tax free) with all expenses paid, including rent, electricity, water, food, telephones, gasoline, car insurance, home owners, airplane (Air Force One), and helicopter at the expense of all citizens. Knowing these “simple truths,” President Obama is trying to provide these benefits for “all the people” because the people cannot live in the White House, but they can receive the same lifestyles as our governmental officials, we the taxpayers” provide.
All people are “legal” in this world, what makes them seem to be “illegal” is the laws that dictate, regulate and infiltrate injustice because of race, religion, gender, color, etc., with partiality at the root. All things should be common with man; instead, we have chosen the “culture of religion” to discriminate through separating, dividing and conquering (ruling) others by stealing, killing and destroying “equality! Glenn Beck now presents President Obama as the reincarnated Satan, but fails to recognize that Satan would never offer caring (health care) for the poor, needy, legal, illegal or justice for all people!


Will U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan’s recent statement that she backs marriage rights for same-sex couples help her or hurt her in the 2014 race to fill the seat she now holds? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here is one response:
• Kay Hagan would sell her soul to be re-elected. What the devil happened to “crimes against nature” laws? This country is heading straight to hell in a hand-basket.

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