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Aug. 22, 2013 @ 02:01 AM

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On Aug. 14, the Rev. Vincent L. Ashley wrote: I would like to thank President Obama, Vice-President Biden, all members of both the House and Senate (both parties), the ACLU and the nine inept justices of the U.S. Supreme Court for continually stripping me of my rights as a Christian and a U.S. citizen by their continual disregard of God, of whom our forefathers founded the U.S. Constitution on.
In response:
• TaxpayerOne: What are your “rights” as a Christian? You certainly do not have the right to use government resources nor edifices to proselytize your religious faith upon others. The Constitution, by the way, does not contain a single reference to God and certainly not to Christianity. It has long been referenced as a “Godless document.” The Treaty of Tripoli from 1797 specifically states that “The Government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded upon the Christian Religion.” ... When the police begin hauling you out of your pulpit during Sunday services, or come into your house and remove your Bible, I’ll believe your rights as a Christian have been violated. Up until then, however, you haven’t been persecuted nor violated in any way.
• JJ to TaxpayerOne: Typical answer from non-believers.
• Sarahinnc to JJ: Typical answer (by you) of the brainwashed “Christians” who are destroying the country.
• Freddie to sarahinnc: When you wake up in hell for all eternity one day, you have no excuse. You have heard the truth and yet you chose to ignore. GOD have mercy of your soul. lol.
• TaxpayerOne to Freddie: We are not talking about religion here, we are talking about the laws that govern the United States, which do not include the Bible nor any other religious book. The Founders, some of who were indeed Christians (most were Diests), all saw the danger in any sort of religious theocracy. They spent 12 full years crafting the Constitution and the omission of Christian principles and beliefs was not a mere oversight - it was done on purpose so that each could practice according to their own belief but none could use the Government to force their personal religious beliefs upon another.
• Link2eternity to TaxpayerOne: Would you tell MLK the same thing? He linked “just” human law to its consistency with “God’s law.” Antithetically, any law that contradicts God’s law is unjust. ... “Letter to my fellow clergymen.”
• Name Withheld to JJ: Too many Christians seem to believe that it is their right to use the force of government to push their views upon others, willingly or not. They don’t, and the sooner they learn this the better off we will all be.
• Mrmike: Amen! This letter should be on the front page, above the fold. The only exception I have is that the reverend should keep in mind that not everyone in Congress is bad. We need to support the few good ones and try to get more of them in office.