Your View: This shows why High Point needs primary

Aug. 20, 2013 @ 08:18 PM

The money issues concerning Mayor Benita Sims and Councilman Foster Douglas expose their self-serving motivations, lack of shame and refusal to step down. Fellow High Pointers, we can do better than this.
You hear, “Well, we elected them, so we got what we deserved.”  Excuse me; “we” did not elect them.  Both these people won their races without a majority of the votes.  In both cases, 70 percent of the voters cast their ballot for somebody else: Douglas in his first election in 2008 and Sims last year.  But because the votes were spread out over a large number of candidates, these two managed to take victory with a simple plurality, far less than a respectable 51 percent majority that should be the rule.
Both instances serve as a perfect example as to why we need a primary.  Some prefer the path of least resistance, arguing that a primary is expensive, too much trouble, and the tiny numbers who show up to vote produce a result no more decisive than a plurality.  But none of this is an excuse not to make the opportunity available. 
Anything worth having takes effort.  A primary would narrow the field to two or three candidates so that one would probably take the majority in the general election.  And if no one did, there should be a runoff until somebody does.  Then the blame, or credit, would be truly ours.
High Point

Younts draws GOP leader’s praise
I would like to express my thanks to the citizens of Davidson County for sending Rep. Roger Younts to Raleigh to represent them in the North Carolina House.  I had the privilege of serving with Younts for the last two weeks of our session before we adjourned for the summer. I have seen a lot of legislators come and go in my 20 years in the House, but rarely have I been as impressed with a new legislator as I was with Younts.
I was struck with his thoughtfulness and intelligence.  It was impressive to watch the methodical way he reached a decision before voting on the very important issues we faced in the waning days of the session.  The people of Davidson County can be proud of Younts and the work he is doing on your behalf. I sincerely believe that he is a rising star within the Republican caucus and will be filling a key leadership role in the future. 
Younts is clearly a young man driven by his conservative convictions.  More importantly, he is that rare individual who has the courage to stand up and vote for his principals without apology.  Without a doubt, we need more legislators like Rep. Younts in Raleigh.
The writer us majority leader of the N.C. House of Representatives.


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