Your View: Washing delicates and other grown-up things

Aug. 19, 2013 @ 07:10 PM

“Sort your delicates based on color into light and dark categories. Use water that is lukewarm or cool. Use detergent intended for use with delicates. Soak in water and detergent .Reshape your delicate items. Lay your delicates flat to dry.”
Simple instructions, but nowhere does it say to hang them out on Main Street for all to see.
The public washing of personal delicates of city of High Point’s elected officials has become a tasty delicacy in this paper. The published articles are entertaining at first. But then, when you see how the mayor looks wearing such attire, it’s shameful.
We all wear delicates; made of fabric that took our lifetime to weave. Woven from yarns of all our good deeds, mixed with threads spun from the things in life we are not so proud of, with hope for forgiveness when our time comes to account for them.
These delicates are, what we are, our character. And sometimes one  doesn’t want to be caught washing, much less wearing them, for all to see. But as an elected official of this city, it’s fair game, as you represent us. We expect your character to be as good as, or better, than ours. Any less, we can’t follow you. Any less, you can’t lead. So it’s best, you look your best, in those delicates you weave.
Our Mayor Sims doesn’t look so good in hers. Perhaps when there were questions about repaying the city for the jazz festival seed money, while paying two community groups first out of the profits. Or perhaps avoiding utility bills from the very utility she runs. Then perhaps if the worthless checks come back with charges ... well, it just gets worse.
Please consider resigning before bringing further embarrassment to our city. That would be the grown-up thing to do.
Pray for peace.
High Point

Cancel aid for Egyptian military
Does President Obama continue to support the military coup in Egypt? He has canceled some exercises with the Egyptian military, but he hasn’t canceled the billions of dollars in foreign aid that the Egyptian military receives every year. We Americans need a federal government that supports democracy, and opposes police statism, at home and abroad.
I don’t support the Muslim Brotherhood, or any other conservative group, but I do support democracy. “Our’’ government should cancel all foreign aid to the Egyptian military, and all other foreign militaries.


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