Your View: Don’t be careless and let pets wander

Aug. 17, 2013 @ 06:44 PM

I am an animal lover, one who respects their rights and needs. I am shocked at the neglect of dog owners in the area around the retirement community where I live. I know that there is a leash law, but we are experiencing a disobedience of this law as well as complete disregard for the health and safety of these pets.
Regardless of this law, dogs run lose on the retirement community property, some even with collars. Just recently, one healthy pup, friendly and loving, followed us as we walked. Someone afraid because of its size and the danger it might cause to residents with canes or walkers, called animal rescue.
I called and learned that it would go to the Davidson Animal Shelter where it had a good chance of being euthanized. If it was not claimed within a few days when it would become the property of Davidson County.
What a tragedy and lack of respect for this young dog. My friend and I went through the neighborhood around this retirement community for several days, trying to find its owner to save the dog but had no luck.
Last weekend, another young dog wandered here and I recognized it as having been here before. A beautiful young dog with a collar. Someone had called animal rescue, but as it was closed on, the dog was let go and it ran in the direction of its home.
I think newspapers could headline a story reminding people of the need to save their pets and not be so careless as to their wanderings. This is being an animal lover.

Hometown university helps business
Our business benefits a lot from High Point University students, parents, faculty and staff, and we are thankful to have such a successful university in our city. The recent feature in The High Point Enterprise about the HPU Passport Partners is accurate: So many businesses benefit from our hometown university.
High Point
The writer operates Just Priceless on N. Main Street.


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