Your View: Congrats City Project for winning grant

Jun. 16, 2014 @ 07:31 PM

Congratulations to the Board of Directors, staff and volunteers of the City Project for their
success in obtaining a Brownfields Assessment grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency. This grant is the first step in giving a second life to many properties throughout High
Point that have sat idle for many years due to real and/or perceived environmental concerns. The three-year grant will provide $400,000 to identify environmental problems that must be solved in the process to remove these impediments to successful revitalization.
The Brownfields grant and regulatory programs can be of enormous benefit to recipient
communities. While most environmental regulatory programs are driven by compliance with
rigid rules and regulations, the Brownfields process provides for a clear and distinct path for
redevelopment through economic revitalization.
Some of the benefits that can come with Brownfield redevelopment include neighborhood beautification, improved safety through such things as better access and lighting, potential job creation in neighborhoods that have high rates of unemployment, increased tax revenues on improved properties and increased spending in the local neighborhoods where revitalization occurs.
Perhaps most importantly, the Brownfields process recognizes and even insists that citizens in areas affected by Brownfields redevelopment be recognized as key stakeholders whose voices must be heard and considered.
The assessment process will require an atmosphere of cooperation among the property owners,
real estate developers, the City Project, city staff and community leaders. Through the
Brownfields grant program, High Point and its citizens have much to gain. Hopefully, this
program can be a catalyst through past disagreements can be set aside, to the ultimate benefit of the city of High Point, the City Project and most importantly, the citizenry of our town. Let's all
work to support this grand opportunity.
Thanks and hats off for a job well done!
High Point
The writer is president of Northwest Geoscience in High Point.



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