Red Cross provides service to military

Nov. 12, 2012 @ 05:18 PM

This Veterans Day observance brings to mind the great service the American Red Cross gives to all of our armed forces branches. Just this past month, support was provided to over 800 service members in the Triad either being deployed or coming home.
The local High Point-Davidson County Red Cross chapter’s services this year have touched our service men and women in the following branches of service, Air Force-10 , Army-95, Marine corp-28, U.S. Navy-42, Coast Guard-1, Retirees/DOD-5.
These services involve active, reservists, retirees and their families. Just think! They do this  and at the same time care for Hurricane Sandy victims, families displaced by house fires, blood donations, CPR and First Aid training, etc. Take time this Veterans Day and during the holidays to thank our veterans and our Red Cross.
Steve Ilderton
High Point
The writer is a board member of High Point-Davidson chapter, American Red Cross.

Caregivers devote lives to their loved ones
In the Oct. 5 edition of The High Point Enterprise, Jimmy Tomlin wrote an article about Bob Davis and his wife Sandra and their struggle with Alzheimer’s. So touching was the article that it brought tears to my eyes. Tomlin wrote it in such a way that one could feel the pain felt by Bob Davis and the utter confusion that his wife Sandra must feel.
Unless one has experienced the role of caregiver, especially to another so dear as a wife or husband, it is difficult to understand what it really means to love someone so much that he/she is willing to give up his/her own life to see to the needs of the loved one. But that is exactly what Bob Davis and so many others in similar situations do every day of their lives.
In return, when that fateful day comes and the angels take the loved one away, the caregiver can say, “I did all I could do and now he/she is in God’s hands.”
High Point

Tax reform should start with FairTax
Mass confusion surrounds our tax code and is beginning to stimulate the debate to reform the present tax system. Reform plans range from a minor overhaul of the income tax to completely abolishing it.
What we need is a fair, simple, transparent tax system that any American can understand at a glance. What we want is a new tax system that would end late-night sweating over endless forms and allow us to trash our shoeboxes full of receipts. We need a system that won’t hide the tax burden in the cost of goods and services; a system that will allow working people – wage earners – to take home their entire paychecks, with no deductions. We need a tax system that will eliminate post-April 15 anxiety over whether or not we will be one of the unlucky millions of people who are assessed a civil penalty by the IRS each and every year, or who receive the dreaded audit notices.
There is one plan that can do all that – the FairTax, the perfect vision of a federal consumption tax. To learn more about this proposed new system of taxation, readers should visit the FairTax website at
Oak Ridge



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