Your View: Allen Jay promoted education in Guilford County

Jan. 07, 2013 @ 01:41 AM

As the Ward 3 City Council representative, a resident of High Point and someone with many family and friends who are Quakers, I find the idea that the Guilford County Board of Education would consider changing the name of the proposed school from Allen Jay to anything else is unbelievable.
Allen Jay, a Quaker who moved from Indiana to this area following the Civil War, is known for his efforts to promote education in Guilford County. He lived and worked here for several years and was both respected and admired for the work he did. Removing his name from this school would be an affront to the Allen Jay community, the graduates of the schools bearing his name and indeed all of High Point.
I hope that if the school board is seriously considering this change, the historical significance of the name Allen Jay, if nothing else, will change their minds. I encourage others who support retaining the Allen Jay name to let the school board members know their feelings as well.
High Point

What about candy in tobacco-style packages?
I recently read about the judgment on the appeal to the court about putting grotesque picture messages on cigarette packs, and I agree with the ruling. I think the cigarette companies are doing enough.
If the people wanting this done want more money, or want to do more to keep children from smoking, why don’t they go after the companies making candy and bubble gum in chewing-tobacco-style packages?
If these people think the children aren’t putting these products in their mouths and checking how “cool” they look in front of a mirror like I did, they have their heads buried in the sand. If marijuana leads to harder drugs, these products lead to tobacco.



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The Guilford County Board of Education is considering renaming Allen Jay Middle School when a new magnet facility opens there. Should the school be renamed? What name would you suggest? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here are four responses:
• Name should remain Allen Jay. Like many of my classmates, my father graduated from the high school, I attended the elementary school and graduated from the high school, as well.
• The new magnet school in the former Allen Jay Middle School facility should honor the history and legacy of education in the community by including “Allen Jay” in the name.
• There’s no need to waste time/money changing the name. This is like changing name of an entire community that many of us were raised in. There’s just no need.
• Allen Jay is more than just the name of a school. It stands for heritage, community, school spirit and excellence in education (just ask any alumni). Keep the name.