Our View: It’s been said on hpe.com

Jan. 24, 2013 @ 01:53 AM

Phil Sloan in Your View, Jan. 18, “Try common-sense gun control measures”:
• Two common-sense things that can be done to help keep guns out of criminal hands: first, prosecute straw purchasers.  Every time a convicted felon is caught with a gun, unless it was reported stolen, track down and prosecute the rightful owner and charge them as an accessory.  This would stop people from illegally selling guns or trading them for drugs.  Second, extend the government background check to rifles and shotguns; is there a logical reason why are criminals not screened to prevent these purchases now?
Having said this, realize that with an estimated 310 million firearms currently in the hands of the American public, the “cow is already out of the barn.”  Liberals, like it or not, the NRA is right: Armed school resource officers and concealed carry permit holders are the best means of preventing future mass killings.

In response:
• Gunner: Notice that ol’ big O isn’t talking about gang violence or handguns used by repeat offenders (the most frequent of all gun crimes by large “shot”), nor does he mention his Hollywood supporters’ use of violence to sell flicks while they talk publicly against arms (they gave him a LOT of money last election). No, he sees an opportunity to chip away at a portion of gun rights because of a tragic opportunity ...
• TaxpayerOne: Considering that so-called “assault” rifles were used in fewer than 250 homicides last year this all seems much ado about nothing. But the president’s call for legal action has nothing to do with preventing crime. Which begs the question — are they simply uniformed? Or are they purposely misleading the citizens? Neither bodes well for the nation.
• Gunner: When they (the media) did the story on the shooter that laid in wait for the volunteer firemen, they showed a picture of the firearm. Seems the more appropriate photo would have been of the parole board that released this psycho after only 17 years from killing his own grandmother with a hammer. ... Our problem is not with gun violence, but with the handling of violence in general, no matter the tool or method.
• TaxpayerOne: Regardless of which side of the fence you stand on, here is one of the best things you’ll ever read on gun control, and yes, it was written by a proclaimed liberal Democrat. It’s long on facts and little else. Very enlightening. The man has done his homework: http://kontradictions.wordpress.com/2012/08/09/why-not-renew-the-assault-weapons-ban-well-ill-tell-you/
• ChuckBino: Thanks for posting this, TPOne. Probably the most logical, emotionless, statistically relevant collection of gun/violence facts I’ve seen from anywhere else.