Your View: Idea to arm teachers raises questions

Jan. 22, 2013 @ 02:49 AM

Arming teachers and school personnel is the quick and easy solution to the problem of school shootings. But there are many other issues that come into play with that “quick and easy solution” and those issues need to be addressed. Some concern violence we already have in our schools. The N.C. State Board of Education compiles an annual report on acts of violence in the public schools (
Teachers are dedicated to their profession and most of them teach in very close proximity to their students. It wouldn’t take children very long to notice something different, i.e. the teacher is “packing heat.”
Hiding or locking up guns would serve no purpose in an emergency. Whose intent would it be to kill? Whose purpose is education? Who wouldn’t care if bystanders were shot? Advantage … killers. 
Armed teachers also present other problems, such as, accidental weapon discharges. How about liability for any student that might be hit by a teacher’s bullet? A teacher’s career would probably be over in any event surrounding use of their weapon, and they may well end up facing criminal charges and/or civil suits. In today’s society, lawyers would be lining up coast-to-coast for a piece of this action.
Let the schools do what they were designed to do … teach, not create an environment where children feel stress or vulnerable because their teacher is “packing heat.” Teachers need to teach and students need to learn, let them do it in a gun-free environment. Teach the students that hurting and killing aren’t the answer. Identify and help the students who show signs of a tendency to violence. We might not be able to prevent mass murders now, but we may be able to help children that are having problems so we don’t have to deal with violence later.

Obama misdirects his paycheck threats
I read the article an Jan. 15 on how our wonderful president is threatening to withhold seniors checks if the Republicans don’t allow him to raise the debt ceiling.
To start with, I guess he loves spending someone else’s money (OURS) like a drunken sailor. He seems to forget that we put that money in, not willingly, and it was not suppose to be added to the general fund or paid out to those who never paid in.
Why does he always threaten the military and seniors. Because they’re the most vulnerable? What would happen if he threatened to stop the checks of congressman or the court systems? All hell would break loose. He has such a nice convenient way to blame Republicans for not allowing him his way. I’m glad this state had the sense to vote for the other guy. Too bad so many thought a handout might be coming. What happened to the work ethic this country was built on?


What do you think of President Obama’s actions and proposals regarding gun control issues? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email us your thoughts to Here are two responses:
• Obama’s actions/proposals regarding gun control are about as useless as his health-care plan. Somewhere along the line Obama seems to think he is a king, a monarch.
• People like Obama conveniently forget laws control only law-abiding citizens. The problem is a society that allows criminals to disregard them with impunity.