Your View: I’m wary of ethanol in gasoline

Nov. 17, 2013 @ 07:33 PM

Recently, I was told that ethanol additives to gasoline act like a cancer in your car engine.  It gums up your carburetor and fuel injectors and eventually requires expensive preventative maintenance that comes out of your pocket.
Why would oil companies add ethanol to gasoline? More $$ for them. Ethanol is cheaper than crude oil.  The loser is every car and truck owner who will be faced with additional maintenance costs.  Where is our national and state government concern for consumers?  Most likely they are more concerned with big fat cat oil company political donations.
High Point

Some sarcastic shouts out
A few shout outs to certain people and groups who have done such good and bad things.
1. Tom Conley and IMC who changed peoples’ perception of the High Point Market from “must attend, hate to attend” to “must attend, LOVE IT” (Oh and thanks for the 25,000 square foot “Made In America” floor). You guys are great!
2. Nido Qubein and High Point University for showing the city the way. How dare the city not give you every thing you want and make you look elsewhere for a place to expand!
3. The Republicans in the N.C. Legislature who are trying to ruin all the good things that it took the Democrats since Reconstruction to put into effect. Shameful.
4. To everyone who thinks you should have to show a valid picture ID to do anything, much less to vote — despicable, not to mention racist!
5. Tea Partyists, who have managed to destroy in little more than four years all the good things the Democrats and Republicans have accomplished in DC!
6. To those that believe that Democrats care for the poor and the middle class, and Republicans are only for the upper class!
7. And last but not least, Bill Clinton and the main-stream media who ushered in the era of it is OK to lie if it fits a particular agenda. Really?
May God Bless America.
High Point
The writer lives just outside city limits in Davidson County.


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