Your View: Obama’s not interested in ‘fiscal cliff’ deal

Dec. 11, 2012 @ 12:24 AM

Anyone who believes that Obama wants a “fiscal cliff” deal is living is terminally delusional. The “cliff” chaos is EXACTLY what Obama wants. The only losers are the taxpayers, especially the middle class, despite Obama’s oft-repeated lie that he’s looking out for them. He doth protest too much.
Obama wants to eliminate 401k plans. He spoke of it in 2008, but has “more flexibility” now. Some of his corrupt media acolytes are now calling them “subsidies.”  You know, like the “big oil subsidies!”
The threshold for being affected by the AMT, yet another major example of Congress’ infamous “laws of unintended consequences, “supposedly a “millionaires” tax concocted by the Democrat Congress in 1969.
The law was devised to affect ONLY the rich, but those now being affected most are the middle class because the congressional fools neglected to index it for inflation. Therefore with no deal, single taxpayers earning $33,000 may be subject to the AMT.  But Obama loves ya’ll.
The reason this travesty has not yet been fixed is because of the huge amount of revenue it generates, mostly from the middle class.  Obama doesn’t want it fixed because he believes the Republicrats will be blamed. Win-win.  Middle class gets hit again, and Republicrats get blamed again!
And proving conclusively he doesn’t want a deal, he added two absolute non-starters. First, a permanent debt limit increase mechanism eliminating congressional approval, thereby allowing his making unilateral increases!  He wants to remove “checks and balances” designed to prevent our having a monarchical presidency.
He also demands $1.6 trillion in new taxes, but no discussion concerning miniscule spending cuts until “later,” and an annual $50 billion stimulus. His major goal is to increase revenues to fund continued expansion of his growing welfare state.  Ask tax cheat Timmy, who said the money will be well spent.
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GOP came through to defeat treaty
Thanks to the liberal media, most Americans were unaware of the UN Treaty Ratification vote in the Senate on Dec. 4, treaty document No. 112-7.  This would have set a very dangerous trend of the dangerous agenda of the UN and their one world government goal.  It had to do with registering children born with disabilities, but its implications go much farther.  Barack Hussein Obama had a conference call with UN officials the next morning after “winning” the election. Why?
Our distinguished Sen. Kay Hagan, along with 100 percent of  democrats, voted FOR this evil document, to go along with our “community organizer.”
The good news is that it was not ratified, thanks to the decent, ethical, common-sense thinking of most Republicans.
Please remember this when this puppet comes up for re-election.  Apparently she hates America and our way of life like her “idol.”
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