Our View: Ups and Downs - Christmas spirit; Guilford officials

Dec. 28, 2012 @ 12:27 AM

THUMBS UP to all the folks such as Brad Siler and Zack Sams of the High Point Public Services Department who exhibited a real Christmas spirit by volunteering to work on Christmas Day.
Siler and Sams were profiled earlier this week by the Enterprise as examples of employees who show the holiday season’s true spirit by helping make Christmas morning and day more special for some of their co-workers. Siler and Sams aren’t married and don’t have children, so they volunteered to work Christmas Day so some of their fellow employees could take the time off to be with their families for the holiday.
The gesture was especially nice for co-workers such as Stephen Vinson, who because of Siler’s and Sams’ kindness was able to spend Christmas morning watching his children open presents.

THUMBS DOWN to Guilford County Board of Commissioners – the old 11-member and the new 9-member — board for granting significant pay hikes to 15 of the county’s top administrators who also were already some of the county’s highest paid employees. These administrators received pay increases of several thousand dollars — up to $14,000 in one instance — while the county’s rank and file, and lower paid, employees received $250 bonuses in lieu of salary increases this year.

THUMBS UP to the Guilford County Board of Education, which seeks a new name for the magnet middle school that will be established in the reopened Allen Jay Middle School building in that High Point community. The board gets the THUMBS UP for opening the process to the public and seeking nominations for possible names. The school board isn’t required to open a school naming decision to the public, nor is the board required to pick a name from any submitted by the public, but it surely is a positive step for the board to solicit public input instead of simply assigning a name of its own choosing. Of course, the big question — dare we say potential controversy? — related to this matter will be whether the school board should be considering changing the school name from Allen Jay.

THUMBS UP to the Mayans ... for being wrong.