Your View: Closing business using fruit was dumb

Jul. 06, 2013 @ 10:44 PM

I read the newspaper every day. I often read stories that are somewhat dumb. But on June 15, I read one that was plumb-dumb.
In a city where there are hundreds of overgrown, rat-infested lots and abandoned buildings, houses and apartments that the city and Health Department can’t or won’t do anything about, I find it odd to say the least that they want to shut down a business for using fresh fruit.
I am so glad they are keeping watch over the food that people sell us. But I can’t help but feel that I am in more danger from all the rats, snakes and roaches in these lots and buildings. Those of us who live on the south side of the city must put up with them every time we go outside. I guess they can’t make any money off the people who own them.
I picked up a lady and two small children who were waiting in the hot sun at a bus stop. She told me she had just moved here. She could not believe how insufficient the public transportation system is. I told her if she stayed here awhile, she would find out it wasn’t the only thing lacking.
Starting with our City Council, city manager and mayor. They keep talking about bringing High Point back. They need to first find out where it went. I have lived here for almost 48 years. It has only gone one way — backwards.
All the money spent on sea-can ideas won’t help that. Although, if the fresh food cafe owner opened his business in one of the sea-cans, they might not have bothered him.
I, for one, would like to read all the charges they made against him and his cafe. I cannot help but think there is more to the story, for it is just too dumb. Even for High Point.
High Point



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