Your View: Does the IRS run our government?

Jul. 02, 2013 @ 08:34 PM

How long is it going to take for the people of this country to wake up and see what’s happening to them and their country at the same time?
After the IRS blows it, who knows how many millions they turn around and want to give employees — $70 million in bonuses. The government tells them not to; the IRS says they have to because of their union.
Answer me this — do they not get paid by the government and get the government benefits like the rest? If so, what is all this union garbage.
It looks like the government works for the IRS instead of them working for the government. If this is so, what happened here can spread through the whole government. The IRS can take your bank accounts, home, property and everything else you own without a court order. This looks like they have more power than anyone or anything in the country. This is wrong.
Between King Obama, the rest of the government and the IRS, we will not have anything to worry about because there will be nothing left to worry about.

Let me ask a few questions, please
This newspaper could use an ask and answer column.
1) Why is a can of baby formula made from soybeans, priced from $16 to $19? The farmer that furnished the beans, received from $0.25 to $0.40 for the beans used.
2) Why would a pediatrician prescribe an OTC laxative for an 8-year old that cost $20, knowing that the family is on Medicaid and that Medicaid would not pay?
3) Why can meat processors and packers charge product price for up to 25 percent of a solution(?) that they have injected into the product? Other than water, what else are we paying for?


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