Your View: There is no ‘right’ to kill unborn child

Jul. 01, 2013 @ 10:34 PM

I will never understand how women, even mothers, come to the conclusion that they have a “right” to kill an unborn child. We all know about the horrible “back-room abortions” of the past and even just recently the “doctor” arrested for running a clinic with dead babies lying around. It’s horrible.
We also know that very few pregnancies result from rape or incest. The vast majority of pregnancies are caused simply by irresponsible behavior. There are so many ways to prevent getting pregnant, even for the poorest of us. Why should a precious, defenseless, innocent child be slaughtered by a doctor who supposedly has taken an oath to “do no harm” and a woman who could have used birth control and/or demanded the guy use it also.
Anyone who still believes that life doesn’t begin at conception is just fooling themselves to justify the horrible reality or their own conscience. There is a bill trying to stop killing these babies after 20 weeks, and women senators are arguing about telling a women what to do with their bodies. If you don’t want children, prevent it or if you must have a medical procedure done, have your tubes tied or even, Heaven forbid, don’t have sex if you can’t be responsible. We all need to take responsibility for our own actions and not force others to pay for our lack of it.
What is wrong with people that allow this to happen and even advocate for the so-called “right” to be allowed to do this. Think of the incredible people that could have been. It’s just wrong, and the farther we get from God’s commandments, the worse the judgment will be for all of us. In most states, you kill a pregnant woman, you are charged with two murders; think about it.
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