Nov. 13, 2012 @ 05:00 PM

Customers, take back your power!
Consumers are a powerhouse when you stop to think about it. We have a voice and we use it when we are passionate about something. Sometime what we say makes a difference and sometime it doesn’t. For instance, consider natural gas. Many consumers converted from conventional heat pumps to heating with natural gas because it was cost effective. My family did that. However natural gas became a very expensive way to heat your home. Did you know the cost of natural gas is down 40 percent? Now I don’t think it is down just because my family chose to go a cheaper way to heat our home- but I do think decrease consumption by consumers sent a message and it was heard. I think we can make a difference in how banks view consumers that use credit card accounts. I think credit cards keep consumers in financial bondage. We would be better off without them. The interest is astronomical and you better avoid the late charges! The banks are not going to go belly up if they become more consumer friendly. They go belly up because of poor management. They try to recoup their loses by gauging us! Kinda like Washington! We have decided in the Frank household to stop the madness. We have paid off credit card balances and my husband told me that was not enough- I have to call the credit card companies and close the accounts. I know why he did that--so I would not be tempted to use that Belk card or my QVC. Ahh QVC--such a convenient way to shop! It Had to go. If you can, take the leap. Close the accounts. Call the bank and tell them you are no longer going to be a victim of their price gauging. Be a consumer with a big voice. So in the words of smart consumers, “What’s not in our wallets!” See if we can make a difference in how friendly financial institutions are to us consumers.


These two buildings show High Point’s history

This letter is for all the people I have been reading about in the paper, those who are so interested in studying and keeping High Point’s history alive. I read where they want to search out and preserve what’s left of it.
There are two buildings I wish someone with the means and know-how would look into. One is the Ecker  Apartments on N. Main Street. The other is an apartment building on the corner of Walnut Street and E. Green Drive. These buildings are, I think, much like they were when they were built, except for the wear and tear of use and neglect.
But when you walk around them, you can see that at one time they were top of the line and what High Point’s housing was like years ago. How people lived downtown. I don’t know when they were built, but I have talked to people who have been in High Point all their lives and said they have always been here. Some of those folks are in their 80s and 90s.
I think someone at the paper should do a story on them. Some of these history people should take a tour of them. It is sad to just let them go away.
High Point